Crisis of Conscience

Authors: Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg
Artists: Chris Batisand Mark Farmer
Titan Books
RRP 7.99
ISBN 1 84576 279 7
Available 26 May 2006

The villainous Secret Society of Super-Villains returns, their memories restored, seeking vengeance. They're aided by one of the JLA's oldest and deadliest opponents, Despero. Now is the time the League will be forced to question the fine line between hero and vigilante. When the battles end, a member will quit the League, another will lie shattered, and the JLA will be fractured, perhaps beyond repair...

Crisis of Conscience sees the JLA forced to deal with a problem of their own creating. The JLA's darkest secret, that they used magic to alter the minds of the Secret Society of Super-Villains, has finally been revealed. Not only do the members of the Secret Society know what the JLA did to them, but they also know all of the JLA's secret identities, as well as the names of their loved ones. Batman, meanwhile, has also recovered his memories and is aware that the JLA also wiped his memory of certain events. When you have friends like these, who can you trust?

I loved the fact that this collection sees the whole Infinite Crisis tale come full circle. Did the League learn anything from the original wiping of minds? And if so, how will they deal when a similar dilemma occurs?

Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg's writing is almost faultless. This collection makes the uphill slog that was the previous Countdown to Infinite Crisis releases seem worthwhile. This is a worthy payoff that will have you applauding the writing, the illustrations and the whole concept - even if you previously thought that DC were milking the storyline a little too much.

A joy from beginning to end.

Nick Smithson

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