Arabian Nights (And Days)

Author: Bill Willingham
Artists: Mark Buckingham and Jim Fern
Titan Books
RRP 8.99
ISBN 1 84576 278 9
Available 21 July 2006

With the identity of the Adversary finally revealed to the citizens of Fabletown, it's time to begin making preparations in earnest for the defence of their stronghold in the mundane world - and that means forging new alliances with whoever remains unconquered by the Adversary's legions. But the arrival in Fabletown of a delegation from the Arabian Homelands shows just how tricky this kind of coalition-building can be - especially when one side is concealing Weapons of Magical Destruction...

Arabian Nights (And Days) collects together issues 42-47 of the Fables comic book series. There are two main stories in this collection. The first deals with the arrival of Sinbad and his men into Fabletown, while the second tale, The Ballad of Rodney and June, sees love blossom between a wooden soldier and a wooden woman. The two throw caution to the wind and decide that they want to be made into flesh and blood. But how can they do so with out upsetting the rest of the wooden citizens? And how can they contact their maker when a war is on?

The Arabian Nights tale is the longer and more entertaining read. It is also better illustrated - the second tale seems more wooden (excuse the pun - as this deals with a wooden couple). There are several amusing scenes as the two try to copy various human traits - and a very funny section where our hero asks the advice of a goblin. The second tale is also a stand alone story, whereas Arabian Nights requires the reader to be aware of some of the past history of Fabletown.

If you've been following this series then this collection is well worth picking up - if you haven't then you really should start now.

Nick Smithson

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