Author: Jeph Leob
Artists: Ian Churchill and Norman Rapmund
Titan Books
RRP 6.99
ISBN 1 84576 281 9
Available 21 July 2006

Supergirl is on a whirlwind tour
of the DC Universe as she explores her strange new world and the numerous threats that populate it. Along the way, she encounters many of the world's premier super-teams - including the JLA, the JSA, the Teen Titans and the Outsiders. But will she be an ally or an enemy of these great heroes?...

Power is the latest Supergirl graphic novel from DC comics. I have to admit to being rather bored of the entire Supergirl story line. The whole plot rests, yet again, on the fact that no one is sure whether she can be trusted. How many times have we visited and revisited this particular story arc with Supergirl?

You'd think by now that instead of everyone being suspicious all of the time, that things would have moved on a bit and the character of Supergirl would be allowed to grow into a more fleshed out super hero. But, no, this is basically the same story that has been bubbling on for years. And that's a shame because the rest of the basic plot is rather enjoyable.

There's a homage to Superman III in this collection, when Supergirl is split into two very separate entities, but the rest of the time her rather off-handish attitude is quite simply put down to the fact that everyone treats her with mild contempt - or a large amount of suspicion. Come on! Give the poor girl a break.

Ignoring the friend or foe element, this collection is entertaining enough, and the illustrations are great. I loved the way that Ian Churchill tended to use a whole page (or double page) every few pages to give certain elements of the story much more of a graphical impact - it almost felt like the comic book version of slow motion in a movie.

Despite my moaning about buying into the same story for years, this is entertaining. Just don't go expecting any surprises.

Pete Boomer

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