Author: Mike Carey
Artists: Various
Titan Books
RRP 9.99
SBN-13: 978 1 8457 6293 3
ISBN-10: 1 84576 293 2
Available 22 September 2006

Hot war, not cold. Dirty, total and absolute, like the war that Lucifer brought when the world's were young. But this time the Fallen One fights on Heaven's side...

In Morningstar a new host, born of Lilith, is on the march against the Silver City, and the Lightbringer must descend into his former realm to find an army willing to defend its holy walls. But his powers are waning, and Hell has a new king - one who is not at all sympathetic to Lucifer's cause.

As the chaos spreads across two creations, sinking the worlds into despair and bleeding the souls of humankind into the void, the champions of life make their last stand on the plain of Armageddon: a fallen angel, a demon and a human woman, set against the wolf of destruction and an army that cannot be numbered.

While, as a whole, this collection groups together a number of interesting tales, my favourite strand was the segment that sees a poor misguided soul making a deal with the forces of hell. As you'd expect he thinks he's got the upper hand, but any fool knows that you can't outwit the most evil of forces. It's an interesting idea though, and very well structured.

Humour, while not available in abundance, is welcomed when it appears. The consequences of summoning the only demon left in hell raises more than a smile or two in what is an otherwise fairly dry collection. Not that that's a complaint, it's just that having an all round mix of styles proves for an interesting collection.

Whether you are a Lucifer fan or not, this collection makes for interesting reading.

Nick Smithson

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