Burst Angel
Volume 2 - A New Tokyo

Starring (voice): Akeno Watanabe, Megumi Toyoguchi, Mikako Takahashi, Rie Tanaka and Yuji Ueda
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 13 March 2006

A secret society's conjured up the spirit of an ancient demon, and they mean to set it loose on Meg. And if that's not enough, a dangerous giant bird preys on young girls and snatches up Meg before Jo's very eyes! A secret weapon injected into Kyo raises the stakes for Sei, and a deal to save Meg leaves Jo hanging in the balance. With traps and the authorities lurking behind every corner will Jo be able to save Meg this time? Or will the Crow Monster take Meg and Kyo down with it...?

Volume 2 of Burst Angel takes up the action where Volume 1 left off.

In episode 5, Mansion Where Lurks the Demon, Meg goes undercover at an all girls' school to investigate the strange case of a young student's descent into insanity. Is the school harbouring a secret Babylonian society or is the girl just the victim of a bad dream?

This episode has some great humour - mainly revolving around Meg and the awful food the school serves up. Meg is trying to get into the exclusive Ishtar Club that seems to be at the bottom of the school's problems. On her introduction to the secret society she blows it. Later that night she lays in bed contemplating her dilemma... but not for long, as she's managed to sneak some sweets back to her dormitory.

Meg gets so fed up with the dire food she has to eat that on her nightly radio communication with her team mates she threatens to walk if she can't get any decent provisions. Enter Kyo with a range of delicious foods. However, Meg can hardly keep any of it down, as poor Kyo has had to dress as a schoolgirl in case he is spotted.

Wash this Garden with Blood - Meg has discovered that something sinister is indeed going on at the school. It's too big for her to handle on her own, so Jo is sent in as backup. A secret society has conjured the spirit of an ancient demon and it has its sights set on Meg. Can Jo break the curse before Meg becomes another helpless victim?

The start of this episode has an explanatory introduction which I thought would have been more useful if it had been included on the previous episode. Otherwise, this is a great conclusion to the story.

In Black Sky, a giant mechanical crow is abducting young girls on the streets of Tokyo. When it flies off with Kyo's friend, the Angels set about tracking the monster down. Things don't go quite as planned and Meg is snatched by the giant robot. Coincidence is stretched to breaking point when the crow also attacks someone that the Angel's are currently employed to protect. It soon becomes apparent that whoever is behind the bird attacks is carefully choosing his victims. This time he is after a secret weapon of nanobots that are housed in a syringe. When this is injected into Kyo all hell breaks lose. If they save Kyo then Meg will die, but if they hand over Kyo then he will die. Jo kidnaps Kyo and goes against Kei's, her boss, express orders. Can Jo keep them both alive, and will she have a job to come back to if she is successful?

The Wounded Outlaw sees Joe and Kyo still on the run in the Tokyo. Sei is hot on their trail with traps and cops every where they turn. Jo and Kyo have to get to Tokyo Tower before they run out of time.

This episode also sees a switch over to computer CGI for the impressive crow attack segments.

Extras are pretty impressive for this release too. We get an audio commentary (on the episode The Wounded Outlaw) with the voice director and cast of the USA soundtrack - there's a particularly funny bit of banter about the problems of finding loyal henchmen; radio sketches; textless opening and closing titles; and trailers.

If you haven't experienced Japanese animation yet then I can heartily recommend Burst Angel. Entertaining, funny and well written - what more could you want?

Pete Boomer

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