Volume 6 - My Only Person

Starring (voice): Rie Tanaka, Tomakazu Sugita and Tomakazu Seki
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 12
Available 10 April 2006

It's the 22nd century and Hideki has had a bit of good fortune, or so he thinks. Seemingly disposed of on a rubbish heap Hideki has found his own Persocom Chi, so named as it's the first thing that Chi says when she is booted up. Problem is Hideki is finding himself being romantically drawn to Chi, a thing which he is finding difficult as she's an android. But, Chi holds a deeper secret than her growing love for Hideki, Chi may be one of the legendary Chobit series of androids who are supposed to be capable of proper emotional responses and free thought, what that might mean for Hideki and Chi only time will tell...

Okay, so here we have it guys and gals the last disc in the Chobits series. The last three episodes of fan-service animation and endless ponderings on the meaning of love, and thankfully the story comes to a satisfactory conclusion.

Episode twenty-two, Chi Wears & Takes Off, sees Hideki still musing on the meaning of love and his feeling for Chi, don't you just want to bang this guy's head against the wall? With money being short, Chi returns to the bakery, but a misunderstanding over her uniform finds her wearing the one that was meant for Yumi. Not a problem except that Yumi witnesses the event and runs off followed by Hideki. Her distress, it turns out, stems from the fact that she had declared her love for the baker Ueda Hiroyasa only to discover his secret, that he had been married to a Persocom.

Chi Decides finds the plot coming to a conclusion. This is a very information rich episode. Minoru and Dragonfly finally discover that Chi is a lot more than just another Persocom. Dita and Zima have been feeding Minoru information as they want Hideki to know the truth; their mission is to stop Chi from activating her hidden programming, even though they are not sure what it is. More than that, Hideki is finally told how and why Chi came into existence, but what will Hideki do with this information and will it alter the way he feels about Chi? Before Hideki can make a decision Chi activates her hidden program. After the patient wait, we finally get to the truth; no I won't spoil it for you by telling what's going on.

So, after the long wait we come to the last episode, The Person Only for Chi. Hideki finally gets his proverbial finger out of his butt and declares his love for Chi. All hell breaks loose as Chi affects all the other Persocoms, including Dita and Zima who finally tracks her down and attempt to stop Chi from running her final program. A very satisfying end to the series that will reward anyone who stuck through the lighter earlier episodes. That said, there are still a few loose ends that are never satisfactorily tied up, but hey, who wants that sort of finality anyway?

Whilst you might consider just three episodes a little pricey the DVD makes it worth while with the extras. The show, when originally transmitted, had a number of recap episodes and these are included in the extras. So there you go - another three Chobit shows already. The extras also contain the Chobits special which is a nice six minute story about the two mini Persocoms. Chuck in the trailers, Japanese endings and art gallery and you have a very reasonable set of extras.

The level of animation remains high, as it has done throughout the series. Audio remains only in English or Japanese stereo, with a subtitle option.

Charles Packer

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