Volume 6 - Project Seeds

Starring (voice): Masaya Onosaka, Hiromi Tsuru and Satsuki Yukino
RRP: 17.99
Certificate: 15
Available 10 April 2006

Vash the Stampede, a gunman with a sixty billion double double bounty on his head, travels through the wastelands of a new planet with every bounty hunter close at hand trying to kill him. As he is considered a human disaster area, because of the damage cause to each of the towns he visits, Milly and Meryl, two insurance agents, are assigned to follow him. Where Vash goes mayhem follows...

With this new disc Trigun continues its science fiction re-imagining of the lone gunman Wild West genre.

Rem Saverem (episode 17) is a leap back in time to when Vash and the other humans were still on route to their new world. We discover that Vash has a brother called Knives (what was their mother thinking?) Vash and his brother aren't totally human, a fact highlighted by their abnormal growth pattern. Everything you ever wanted to know about the back-story is here, including Rem giving Vash his unique hairstyle. Sibling rivalry between Vash and Knives mirrors the chaos which erupts on the ships, leading to their eventual forced landing. The quality of the animation seems to have slipped a tad in this episode, both characters and backgrounds look less detailed, however, this detracts little from the exciting plot. The story, unlike others in the series, is fairly grim and lacks the comic moments which are a trademark of this show.

In Goodbye for Now, it has been two years since Vash disappeared from sight and another town is under siege from bandits. To make matters worse, word is the bandits are being lead by Vash the Stampede. When they are confronted by a blond haired boy known only as Erics (not sure why it's plural) it quickly becomes clear that Vash, plagued by visions of the destruction he has wrought, has been hiding out under a pseudonym. Wolfwood comes to find Vash. He needs help to discover what happened to a whole missing town, which left a single clue - the name Knives carved on a wall.

With Vash's reappearance it's not long before Milly and Meryl hear of it. In Hang Fire, the girls are reassigned to stop Vash from causing any more damage. With this story we see all the elements of the show coming back together. The girls are back, as is the eclectic mix of action and comedy, as they try to catch up with Vash. He and Wolfwood get into a dispute between two families.

Although the series is an excellent one, it's difficult to award high marks for the DVD's. You only ever seem to get three episodes rather than the usual four, the extras are nothing to get excited about, in this case a couple of art galleries and a trailer. It's not as if the disc was packed with audio options either just English and Japanese stereo with subs. So where did all the spare space on the disc go? Granted the picture is pin sharp, but that is often the way with other titles who are able to offer so much more in the way of extras and options.

Charles Packer

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