Burst Angel
Volume 3 - East Meets West

Starring (voice): Akeno Watanabe, Megumi Toyoguchi, Mikako Takahashi, Rie Tanaka and Yuji Ueda
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 08 May 2006

Following the announcement of Sei's arranged marriage to a member of a rival faction, the veil drops on years of old rivalries. If you think an arranged marriage won't sit well with Sei, well, you can only imagine what Amy feels like when a hacker gets his fingers into Amy's computer... Meanwhile, terrorists hijack a train and a giant bug is unleashed upon the city. All in a day's work for Jo. But has even Jo met her match in Ms. Takane Katsu, an elite law dog from Osaka? These two have more in common than they realise...

In episode nine, Party of the Dragon, Meg and Amy accompany Sei to her grandfather's huge and expensive party. However they get a little more than they bargained for. Following the announcement of Sei's arranged marriage to a member of the Black Lotus clan, the veil drops on years of old rivalries. And it's only a matter of time before things turn violent.

There is a particularly stomach churning scene in this episode where Meg breaks a priceless vase. However the one witness to the accident, a dirty old man, promises Meg his silence - as long as she'll return the favour... sexually.

In Uncharted Cyberspace Amy is getting a little annoyed that someone keeps hacking into her computer and leaving pictures of creatures with her head grafted onto them. She manages to enlist Kyo to take her into the city so that she can get hold of the technology she needs to track the hacker.

This episode shows that there is a little bit of a atmosphere between Leo, the girls' mechanic, and Jo. He's annoyed that Jo managed to damage Django on a previous mission. Some additional comic relief is offered when we finally get to meet the hackers that have been fooling with Amy's computer.

Eastern Angel, Western Hawk, sees Jo on a mission away from home. A terrorist is on the loose and has already shown what he is capable of - by crashing an empty train to show that he means business. Meanwhile, at the DDD League wrestling tournament things are not going as they should. A carefully scripted fight falls apart when the villain suddenly transforms into a real monster and starts attacking anything that moves.

This episode takes us to a DDD tournament - about as close to a WWE event as you can imagine. Here carefully scripted fights between costumed actors playing super heroes and super villains are played out for the audience to enjoy. But what does this tournament have to do with a terrorist that is currently threatening the local authorities? More than you'd think.

Tower of Tears sees the terrorist move forward with his plans - by threatening to destroy the Osaka Tower. Before you know it there is a huge robot fight between Jo, controlling Django, and the mysterious gigantic robot that will stop at nothing to ensure justice fails.

This episode, along with the previous one, brings waves of 80s nostalgia flooding back. Robot battles in the middle of a busy city will no doubt have a special place in lots of our hearts. But it's good to see this being brought up to date.

Extras are pretty impressive for this release. We get an audio commentary with the American cast on the Uncharted Cyberspace episode; a number of really amusing subtitled Japanese radio drama segments, textless versions of the opening and closing titles (however on both the Japanese and English version of the closing titles you can't turn off the subtitle translation - which is a little silly); and trailers for other releases.

Yet another volume bursting with fun episodes.

Pete Boomer

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