Volume 4 - Fatal Attraction

Starring (voice): Daisuke Namikawa, Masashi Osato, Hitomi Nabatame
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 22 May 2006

As Kato struggles to maintain control, Kishimoto realises that with her new body comes a new hope. Unfortunately, before she can act on those options, the second game begins. As a new group of players is initiated into the world of the sphere, the survivors of the first game are confronted with an entirely different breed of opponent... one that's smarter, more aggressive and more organised... and that's before the real game even starts...

In episode 13 (Please Die) Kurono stumbles into a room where the final boss alien is hiding out. For some reason the Suzuki aliens surround Kurono and treat him like a friend, that is until he accidentally steps on one of the little chicks that is wandering around. Suddenly the aliens turn nasty, and the boss alien suddenly notices the intruder. Kurono opens fire, which results in the building collapsing and saving him from certain doom. While Kurono managed to escape, so does the boss alien - who picks up Kurono and soars high into the sky. With time running out for them to complete the "game", how can Kurono kill the last boss in time?

Goodbye sees everyone returned to the real world after a successful mission - that is all those that survived. After a failed attempt at talking Kato into allowing her to return home with him, Kishimoto goes back to Kurono's house. Returning to school, Kurono starts to daydream about Kishimoto - getting an erection in the process much to his embarrassment and the classes amusement. Meanwhile, Kishimoto is hanging around a book shop when she spots a beautiful girl called Sei Sakuraoka. Kato returns home to find his aunt mistreating his younger brother, Ayuma. After a confrontation Kato and his brother are kicked out. But Kato was prepared for this and has already found a flat to rent. Back at Kurono's flat, Kishimoto is still clueless as to why her and Kurono keep falling out. After another night of arguing she decides to leave.

In I Wanna Be There Now, Kurono regrets arguing with Kishimoto. Before long everyone is transported back into the Gantz room. However, this time there is another bunch of strangers awaiting their fate. Amongst the newcomers is Sakuraoka, the girl that Kishimoto saw, earlier and a loud mouthed Buddhist priest who explains to everyone that they are in limbo, waiting to find out if they will be going to Heaven or Hell. Trying to stay out of Kishimoto's way, Kurono heads out into the hall. Sakuraoka follows him and the two start to chat. Kurono brazenly asks her if she will have sex with him. Although surprised, she agrees. While they are in the middle of making love Kishimoto walks in on them.

I Will Do It sees the priest convinces the new gamers that Kato is a demon, but then they are all transported into the next game. Outside a Buddhist temple, the tracking device tells them that their prey is inside. Someone asks whether the two large statues outside the temple are aliens and so they scan them and discover that they display life signs. But before anyone one can do anything, they both come to life.

As with previous episode titles in this series, the episodes go under different titles depending whether you follow the literal translations or the America retitling. So, as before, I've gone for the titles on the press release (which should be how they will appear on the back of the DVD sleeves when they are eventually released to buy).

Extras include interview with creator Hiroya Oku and actress Chiaki Kuriyama; interview with director Ichiro Itano and CG director Yashurio Kato; clean opening and closing titles; trailer for the Gantz console game; and trailers for other anime DVD releases. Although I seriously suggest that you wait until all of the DVDs have been released before you watch the interview with Hiroya Oku and Chiaki Kuriyama. There is a major plot development spoilt for those that haven't already read the original comic.

Another impressive collection.

Darren Rea

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