Battle Vixens (Ikki Tousen)
Volume 3 - Water Wars

Starring (voice): Masumi Asano, Satoshi Hino and Yuko Kaida
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 18
Available 19 June 2006

Several fight schools are in conflict with each other. Fights between the schools student are regular and bloody, as they compete to be the best. One girl, Hakufu, seems fated to reunite the schools as they had been in the past. Guided by special jewels, the lives and fates of the students seem to mirror the lives of the stones original owners, whose spirits lay trapped in the comma shaped beads but will their fate be the same...

Based on the original manga Battle Vixens, Volume Three of Ikki Tousen continues the shows obsession with boobies and panties. The individual episodes do not have titles except for numbers so on with the show...

Episode eight is, to say the least, a little thin on plot and thick on panties and punches. Hakufu's mother Goei sets her up to fail in a fight by teaching her opponent, Kakouton, a way of paralysing her legs. Shimei Ryomou tries to save the honour of their school but she too is beaten - more bobbies and blood. After the fight Geoi, Hakufu and Kokin Shuyu (her cousin) retire to Geoi's house where unless I misunderstood Geoi offers Kokin a threesome with her and her daughter.

Episode nine and Hakufu, Geoi and Kokin are off to the hot springs, a good chance for some more flesh to be shown. In the preview it's described as a "boobython" and pretty much opens with a bare butt spanking scene, moves on to a bit of nipple twisting and the odd pseudo lesbian scene all of which stays just subtle enough not to be Hentai. Bizarrely enough for this show whilst there is more flesh than panties on show, there is also a lot less fighting and, blow me down, a bit of a plot. It would seem that Geoi has another reason for taking Hakufu with her and a hidden agenda to save her daughter. The fate of the fighters are linked to the fate of the original spirits which reside in their gem stones and Geoi needs confirmation, from Master Choko, that it is Hakufu's destiny to die before her. Geoi also discovers that Ryofu Housen has attended the spring to learn a new move, which does not bode well for Hakufu and the others.

On to episode ten, and the gang are off to the pool and its babes in bikinis time. By know you should have gotten the idea how the episode plays out. Ukitsu arrives at the behest of Master Choko to help awaken the dragon spirit in Hakafu, Geoi is obviously terrified at this change of events as it could mean the death of her daughter. A chance meeting with Ryomou sends her off to try and save Hakufu's life.

Extras are a little thinner on the ground compared to Volume Two. There's a short Promo Animation (5 min 20 sec) which tells you little about the show, it's more of a compendium of violence and panties set to the show's theme song. There is an Art Gallery which holds ten character sketches, a few trailers and the Outtakes, wherein the vocal artists take the p*ss out of the show by putting their own take on some of the scenes. In truth, the outtakes are so funny it would be worth seeing at least one complete episode done this way.

Audio is stereo Japanese or English with subtitles and the visuals continue to be good, if a little crude in places. Much of the show is repetitive if boobies, fights and panties aren't your thing, but if they are you should love this show.

Charles Packer

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