Samurai Champloo
Volume 5

Starring (voice): Kazuya Makai, Ginpei Sato and Ayako Kawasumi
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 19 June 2006

After all that's happened fate brings Jin, Mugen and Fuu back together. They meet a mysterious man, Okuru, who is wanted for committing arson against his own village. And yet, Mugen identifies with him. While travelling further to the south, the three get caught up in a graffiti competition. Who can "tag" the most dangerous place? Can Mugen finally learn how to read? In a small village, Fuu saves a girl who happens to know the "sunflower samurai." With this more reliable clue, they continue travelling to Nagasaki without knowing a deadly trap awaits them...

Lullabies Of The Lost Verse 2: This episode concludes the story that was told in Part 1. Jin comes face to face with a man who he once considered to be like a younger brother to him, but this is not a happy reunion. Meanwhile, Mugen manages to get into a fight with Okuri.

War Of The Words: We discover that Mugen can't read. And to add to his embarrassment a guy in the pub makes fun of him and then passes out. Mugen, Jin and Fuu use this as a perfect opportunity to get him to pay for their bill. However, the man soon catches up with Mugen and, taking pity on him, teaches him how to read. Meanwhile an old responsibility of Jin's comes back to haunt him as he makes two guys enter into a graffiti tag competition to settle a dispute.

Unholy Union: Our heroes try to save a woman called Yuri who is on the run from two men. It soon becomes apparent that the leader of a religious cult may have something to do with this. Fuu finally reveals why she is looking for the samurai that smells of sunflowers.

Elegy Of Entrapment Verse 1: A bar owner takes pity on Fuu and offers her free food at his establishment but is a little surprised when Mugen and Jin join her. Here they strike up a conversation with Sara, a blind girl who is also a travelling musician. Sara is able to sense other's auras and offers to pay for the groups room and board if they travel with her. But is she more than she seems? There's some great comedy moments in this episode including a subtle gag where Jin asks Mugen about his time in the hot spring with Sara: "Did you see them?" To which Mugen replies: "See what?"

Extras include a promo video (1 min); conceptual art (11 pics) and trailers.

Pete Boomer

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