Full Metal Alchemist
Volume 7 - Reunion on Yock Island

Starring (voice): Romi Paku, Rie Kugimiya, Yuuko Satou and Junichi Suwabe
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 26 June 2006

Ever since Ed and Al attempted human transmutation, they have desperately avoided one person: their childhood teacher Izumi. Bearing dreadlocks, an iron will and incredible alchemic skills, she is horrified that Ed and Al used her teachings to violate nature. Now she has caught them and is shipping them back to her hometown for a frightening interrogation. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Colonel Hughes' investigation of Lab Five leads him to a startling discovery of military corruption and conspiracy that could topple the entire national government: and put Hughes in great danger...

Words of Farewell: Ed and Al have decided to stop searching for the Philosopher's Stone. They leave Central and catch a train headed South. However, Winry discovers that their journey will take them past the "holy land of automail mechanics - Rush Valley" which she has always wanted to visit. Meanwhile, Hughes has discovered the shocking truth behind the Fifth Laboratory - a truth that if it gets out could topple the Government. This episode also has a shock twist which will leave fans shell-shocked.

Her Reason: While in Rush Valley Ed, Al and Winry meet a girl named Paninya. This girl has an arm and a leg made of automail. And Winry soon hits on an idea to show Ed that she is the best automail maker there is. This is the first episode of the show's third series. This sees a new opening and closing title sequence and song.

Teacher: Ed and Al accidentally run into their old teacher, Izumi, who they know will be furious with them for becoming State Alchemists. Izumi is surprised to see that Al is not the little boy she remembered and takes the brothers back to her hometown to interrogation them. Here we learn why trying to bring the dead back to life is impossible, when a little girl asks Izumi to resurrect her dead cat.

All is One, One is All: Years ago, under Izumi tutorage, Ed and Al were left to fend for themselves for a month on a deserted island in order to pass their initiation. While there they had to solve the meaning of the phrase "All is one, one is all". Now Izumi wants them to repeat this exercise. As the episode progresses we get to see, via flashback, how the two managed to cope the first time around.

Extras include textless opening and closing titles as well as production art.

This volume contains four excellent episodes that move the story along nicely. As usual there are plenty of gags to keep you smiling - including yet anther couple of digs at Ed's height.

Nick Smithson

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