Samurai Champloo
Volume 6

Starring (voice): Kazuya Makai, Ginpei Sato and Ayako Kawasumi
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 07 August 2006

Jin separates from Mugen and Fuu to travel with a beautiful and mysterious blind girl named Sara. But when Sara starts a brutal sword fight with Jin, he learns about her true identity... she is a ruthless assassin. Saddened, Jin rejoins Mugen and Fuu on their next adventure - working 24/7 at an excavation site with other miners in search of Heike's buried treasure. Suspicious, Fuu follows the leader, and finds herself suddenly surrounded by zombies. Then, Mugen's baseball skills are discovered and all three are forced into Kagemaru's training camp. Now they must compete in a high-stakes baseball game... against an American team...

Elegy Of Entrapment (Verse 2): Jin learns the Way of Water, a woman's sorrow comes to an end, and Mugen both gives and receives an assassin's last gift. This episode also sees the inclusion of a mad old man who saves Jin from certain death. He then sets about teasing him and there is a great scene where the old man tries to show Jin how to catch a fish. We also find out who employed the blind assassin.

Cosmic Collisions: On the way to Nagasaki our heroes eat some wild mushrooms and then fall though the earth. They end up in a place where the general population is made up of slaves who are mining for treasure. Mugen, Jin and Fuu end up working for the owner of the mine for a share of the treasure. As the days drag on Fuu discovers that they are becoming more and more like the other workers who mindlessly go about their chores. This episode has plenty of amusing moments - especially towards the end where Jin discovers something that rocks the miners' world. The very last scene is extremely touching.

Baseball Blues: A fleet of American ships sail into town. They want to trade with the locals, but they are not interested. The American's tell them if they will not play ball then they must prepare for war - which in this case is a game of baseball. This episode opens with Mugen accidentally discovering he has a mean pitching hand. Our heroes are at a restaurant when they discover that Mugen has ordered an expensive meal. Jin and Fuu are a little worried as to how they are going to pay. Mugen tells them not to worry - he has it all under control. Then he does a runner. The restaurant owner gives chase and one of his boys throws a baseball at Mugen, knocking him down. Enraged, Mugen throws the ball back with incredible force. Captured, the locals force Mugen to play in their baseball team against the Americans. But as his team slowly drop out one by one, Mugen soon must stand against the mighty Americans alone.

Extras are incredibly lacking with only Conceptual Art and Trailer on offer. Sadly, the next DVD in this series will be the last. Lets hope that they don't leave everything hanging in mid air.

Pete Boomer

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