Volume 8 - High Noon

Starring (voice): Masaya Onosaka, Hiromi Tsuru and Satsuki Yukino
RRP: 17.99
Certificate: 12
Available 07 August 2006

Vash the Stampede, a gunman with a sixty billion double double bounty on his head, travels through the wastelands of a new planet with every bounty hunter trying their best to kill him. As he is considered a human disaster area, because of the damage cause to each of the towns he visits, Milly and Meryl, two insurance agents are assigned to follow him. Now Vash has a mission to stop his brother Knives from his intent to kill everyone on the planet...

Ok, so another show is coming to a close with the last disc in the series. Trigun has been an eclectic mix of genres, which ultimately seems to have worked well.

Episode twenty-three, Paradise, and it's time for a "What the Hell" revelation. After all they have been through and the danger that they have faced together it turns out that Wolfwood has been working for Knives all along, now that came out of nowhere. Wolfwood confronts Vash and it looks like one of the boys is going to have to die.

Episode Twenty-four, Sin, and after Vash finally learns the location of Knives it's time to move to the big showdown between the brothers. Milly and Meryl decide to go after Vash in order to help him; meanwhile Vash is having troubles of his own, having been the originator of so much death, it's starting to get to him. Before he gives into ennui he is attacked by the eleventh Gung-Ho-Gun; Midvalley the Hornfreak. There's something not that exciting about fighting someone with a saxophone, as this show proves. Legato raises his ugly head in this episode too. I can't help but feel that with only two shows to go that this episode should have had a lot more punch in it; more than anything this episode feels like a filler.

It's the penultimate episode, Live Through, and Vash is in a bad way following his previous fights - and not just physically. After all the fights and all the death the town folks decide that the best thing to do is hang him, and Vash is unsure whether he even wants to stop them. Meryl and Milly take jobs in order to look after the injured Vash. Eventually it is the indication of the girls which not only save Vash's life, but also reinvigorates his desire to stop Knives.

And so on to the ultimate episode, Under the Sky so Blue, and it's a time for big fights and weird revelations. Interwoven with the main narrative are some more revelations about Vash's past. It a good end to the show with enough oddity to keep it in line with the series as a whole. It turns out that Vash and Knives are not human, but I won't spoil it by telling you what they are, but you're never going to guess it in a million years.

Audio is the usual English and Japanese stereo with subtitles and the print remains bright and sharp. Extras consist of two galleries and two trailer sections, but it is offset by having a generous four episodes per disc.

A weird end to a weird show, Trigun bows out as it started, well worth a look if you haven't previously seen the show.

Charles Packer

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