New Generation - Volume 2

Starring (voice): Larry Abraham, Robert Axelrod and Bill Capeze
RRP: 14.99
Certificate: PG
Available 04 September 2006

The year is 2031 and following the defeat of the Robotech Masters by Earth's Robotech Force, headed by Dana Sterling's 15th Tactical Squad, the planet faces a new threat. The spread of the Protoculture spores across vast swathes of the Earth's surface has not gone unnoticed. The mysterious alien race known as the Invid, arch enemies of the Robotech Masters, launch a full scale invasion of Earth. The remaining inhabitants of the planet must struggle to survive against the new alien threat. With only a ragtag collection of guerrilla fighters to defend them, the survivors can only pray for the return of the long forgotten Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) to save them from total annihilation...

The original transforming robot series, Robotech almost single-handedly introduced anime to the Western world and sparked the transforming robot phenomenon of the 1980s. Now the Robotech saga enters its final chapter in Robotech: New Generation - Volume 2, the final collection of two DVD volumes that together complete the epic 85 episode series.

Released on DVD as a two-disc Special Collector's Edition, Volume 2 features 13 digitally remastered episodes with new opening and closing credits and including extended footage originally edited from the broadcast version, all presented in a limited edition deluxe slipcase.

The final act of the original Robotech series begins as an advance rescue mission mounted by the Mars Base Division of the Robotech Expeditionary Forces is wiped out by the Invid. Scott Bernard, one of the few survivors of the battle, leads a colourful band of freedom fighters in a campaign to seek out and destroy Reflex Point, the Invid stronghold. Along the way, Scott and the others are forced to look inside themselves to discover hidden strength and the determination to carry on in the face of overwhelming odds.

Throughout this final chapter, many of the mysteries of Protoculture are revealed, including the role the Invid play in this complex, dramatic intergalactic saga. It all adds up to an essential, must-see experience for Robotech fans.

An entertaining collection that concludes one of the most groundbreaking anime shows to be released to a Western audience.

Nick Smithson

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