Ghost in the Shell
Stand Alone Complex
2nd GIG - Volume 6

Starring (voice): Atsuko Tanaka, Osamu Saka and Akio Ohtsuka
Manga Entertainment
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 02 October 2006

The latest chapter in Masamune Shirow's ongoing and groundbreaking cyberpunk saga,
Ghost In The Shell, features three more episodes (21 to 23) detailing the exploits of Section 9...

Embarrassment: Section 9's attempts to pursue Kuze, who is fleeing Etorofu in a camouflaged boat, are wrecked when their transport craft is destroyed by terrorists. Taking stock of their increasingly dire situation, the team decides to investigate further into Kuze's past.

Reversal Process: Events are reaching a head as a live nuclear bomb is found in the city of Fukuoka. The finger of blame is pointed firmly at the refuges in Dejima. With the citizens evacuating, the government decides to combat the threat by deploying the Self Defence Forces. Meanwhile, Section 9 believes that the Information Bureau is involved in the current crisis and Batou is tasked with getting some answers from Gohda. Faced with the arrogant Bureau agent, Batou is going to have a hard job keeping his temper and getting the information he needs.

Martial Law: Under increasing pressure, the government decides to send the troops to Dejima to recover the remaining plutonium, leading to a tense stand-off between the two sides. In a desperate bid to delay outright war, Prime Minister Kayabuki calls in the UN for a nuclear inspection of Dejima and sends Section 9 to mediate. However, tension is at an all time high and with both sides facing each other down the first shot can't be far away.

Extras include an interview with Kenji Kamiyama (director), Osamu Saka (Aramaki) and Yoshiko Sakakibara (Prime Minister Kayabuki); interview archive; and Manga trailers.

If you've been following this series you won't be disappointed by this release.

Ray Thompson

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