Unborn But Forgotten

Starring: Jun-Ho Jeong and Eun-ju Lee
Tartan Asia Extreme
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 18
Available 04 December 2006

A TV show producer is given permission to follow a police detective as he investigates a series of bizarre deaths of women. In a nightclub, they witness the collapse and death of a woman whose abdomen suddenly distends. Several of the victims had talked about witnessing their own death before it happened. The pair eventually discover that all the victims had visited a website known as the "White Room". When the woman producer visits the site herself, out of curiosity, she is suddenly thrown into a fifteen day countdown to her own death. Drawn to an apartment, she is plagued by visions and strange noises as an unborn curse takes hold...

I have to say that, given Tartan Extreme's track record of generally high quality horror releases from East Asia, I'm disappointed with Unborn But Forgotten. As the press release suggests, there are indeed nods to The Ring and Feardot.Com - and I would venture to add The Eye 2 to that list - but this film is not even in the same league as The Ring in terms of style and content. It's simply far too slow, there are no creepy moments or outright frights, and the acting is so blasé that there's no compunction to sympathise with any of the characters.

Frankly, I fail to understand why this film requires an adult classification of 18, when very little happens, and even then it's so fleeting that it serves no purpose.

I regret being so negative here, because this is the kind of film I usually enjoy, it's just that this example is significantly removed from the usual high standard.

Extras include a one-hour On the Set featurette, and the original Korean trailer.

Ty Power

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