Ghost Hunt
Volume 6

Author: Fuyumi Ono
Artist: Shino Inada
RRP: 5.99, US $10.95
ISBN-13: 978 0 099 50628 7
ISBN-10: 0 09 950628 9
Ages: 13+
Available 04 January 2007

The brave investigators of Shibuya Psychic Research must unravel a strange mystery. People are vanishing in a peculiar mansion. Eerie manifestations abound from the moment the team enters the house. Stairways lead to nowhere... windows open, but not to the outside... there are doors in the ceiling... and, scariest of all, something very sinister is awaiting its next victim. As the disappearances escalate one by one, beware and be forewarned: Don't wander off alone - or you could be next...

Volume 6 in the Ghost Hunt series of original mangas is brought to us by Tanoshima. While this is the sixth release in the series, it's not difficult to jump in with both feet if you haven't read any of the previous books.

Examining a spooky old mansion where several people have vanished, the investigators of Shibuya Psychic Research soon realise that something is wrong. The building almost seems to be a living, breathing entity. Rooms have doors in the ceilings, windows that vanish into the floors, and rooms within rooms - not your normal building really.

And, when the team measure all of the rooms the resulting plans don't resemble the actual size of the building. Why does it seem bigger on the inside than on the outside? And, when one member of their team disappears, they know that something sinister is at work. Can they escape before more of their team vanish?

Tanoshima has, as they do with all their manga reprints, released this in the traditional Japanese format (reading from the back to the front of the book). I personally think this is a fantastic way of reproducing these great collections. It's great to see that there is a company out there that instead of dumbing down it's output to cater for the masses, actually gives followers of manga the genuine article.

An entertaining, and thought provoking read.

Nick Smithson

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