Volume 12

Author: Ken Akamatsu
Artist: Ken Akamatsu
RRP: 5.99, US $10.95
ISBN-13: 978 0 099 50635 5
ISBN-10: 0 09 950635 1
Ages: 16+
Available 04 January 2007

At the Mahora Academy Festival, the Budokai Martial Arts Tournament is well under way - and it seems that all the participants have something to hide. What has awakened inside Asuna during the battle with Setsuna? Everyone remains in the dark about the true identity of the curious Ku:nel Sanders - except Evangeline, a vampire who, not surprisingly, loves the dark. But how exactly did she become a bloodsucker? As for Setsuna, how deeply conflicted is this member of the 'Bird Trobe'? Will she be able to defeat her own worst enemy - herself?...

Volume 12 of Negima! and the Budokai Martial Arts Tournament is finally starting to heat up. With possibly the largest prize money on offer for such a tournament, the contestants have come from far and wide to enter, and some don't care what they have to do in order to win.

With bladed weapons and guns banned from the tournament, how will the judges react when one combatant produces a large sword? And then there is the problem of leaking the whole tournament onto the Internet - what will normal people do when they realise that magic exists?

This release knocks out a few more of the contestants, leaving our heroes ever closer to getting their hands on the main prize.

As with previous releases in this series, Ken Akamatsu's writing is tight and his illustrations are pretty impressive. But, more importantly, the balance between a compelling story line and kick-ass battle action is spot on. Roll on Volume 13.

Pete Boomer

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