School Rumble
Volume 3

Author: Jin Kobayashi
Artist: Jin Kobayashi
RRP: 5.99, US $10.95
ISBN-13: 978 0 099 50632 4
ISBN-10: 0 09 950632 7
Ages: 13+
Available 01 February 2007

Love (in the form of Tsukamoto Tenma) betrayed Harima Kenji, but he has moved on in an effort to find himself. He's become a fortune-teller who can communicate with animals. Some even mistake him for a helpful deity who watches over a local shrine. Find out what happens to a young man who gets lost on his journey of self-discovery. Meanwhile, Tenma and her friends embark on a trip of their own. They go to the local swimming pool and meet four guys with less-than-noble intentions

Volume 3 in the School Rumble series sees love in the air for just about everyone. Obviously Harima Kenji still lusts after Tsukamoto Tenma and Tsukamoto Tenma still wants to be with Karasuma Oji. But now Imadori Kyosuke and Hanai Haruki have fallen for two very different girls.

It all starts with an innocent girls day out at the local swimming pool. A group of boys start to chat the girls up and a bet is soon on as to who are the better swimmers - the girls or the boys? The winners get a free date paid for by the losers. But, as the guys are just after a date anyway, even if the boys lose they still win. But when an astonishing fact is revealed about all of the girls, the guys end up spending their date as teachers.

There is much hilarity as Harima Kenji gets caught naked in the changing rooms. When Sawachika Eri accidentally walks in on him he panics. To stop her yelling he grabs her roughly and covers her mouth - much to her shock. Thankfully Takano Akira walks in and, in a second, fathoms what has gone on.

Harima Kenji finally gets to spend some time alone with Tsukamoto Tenma. Unfortunately she thinks that she is helping him prepare to ask the love of his life out on a date. She still has no idea that she is the love of his life.

As with the other releases in this collection there is an extremely handy "Translation Notes" section at the back of the book, which helps to explain some of the cultural Japanese references that make very little sense to a western audience.

Another wonderful collection of stories - I'm already eagerly anticipating getting my hands on Volume 4.

Amber Leigh

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