Ghost Stories

Author: Paul Levitz
Artists: George Perez, Rags Morales, Luke Ross and Jerry Ordway
Titan Books
RRP: 8.99, US $14.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 8457 6441 8
ISBN-10: 1 84576 441 2
Available 23 February 2007

During the cataclysm known as the Infinite Crisis, Power Girl learned of a Golden Age adventure in which Batman and Superman clashed with the mysterious entity known as the Gentleman Ghost. Now, one year later, members of the JSA find themselves haunted by the spirits of their departed loved ones. As it becomes clear the two incidents are connected, the legendary super-team discovers that the Ghost has returned, more dangerous than ever. With an army of the undead at his side, the wrathful wraith is focused on destroying the JSA. How can this supernatural slaughter be stopped, when the only person who knows how to end it is the ghost of a hero now long dead...

The original superhero team, the Justice Society of America (JSA), are Earth's mightiest defenders, whose ranks include the Flash, Green Lantern, Power Girl and Hawkgirl.

In Ghost Stories the team is torn by the evens of the Infinite Crisis and an old foe, the Gentleman Ghost, decides to make his last stand. But why is he threatening the JSA with ghosts from their pasts - and more importantly, how are the team supposed to deal with the fallout from the Crisis and bring a ghost to justice?

This graphic novel collects together JSA issues 82-87. The narrative flips backwards and forwards between the present day and the time of Dick Turpin. This is an interesting way to show the origins of one of the characters, and the device isn't over used - with just the odd page here and there zipping us back to the past.

The story and art work are as impressive as JSA fans have come to expect from this series. The conclusion is well worth the wait and it's good to see that more than one ghost is laid to rest.

Nick Smithson

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