Volume 13

Author: Ken Akamatsu
Artist: Ken Akamatsu
RRP: 5.99, US $10.95
ISBN-13: 978 0 099 50654 6
ISBN-10: 0 09 950654 8
Ages: 16+
Available 04 January 2007

As the Budokai Martial Arts Tournament draws to a close, Negi finds himself facing one of his own students, Setsuna, in battle. But after the strange disappearance of Takahata-sensei, and an even stronger conversation with the mysterious Ku:nel Sanders, can Negi pull it together to emerge victorious? Elsewhere, student Asuna leads a group of rescuers - among them another student of magic - deep into the catacombs beneath Mahora Academy. Who will receive the greater shock: Asuna in the depths below, or Negi facing his long-lost father?...

Volume 13 in the Negima! series of mangas sees the Budokai Martial Arts Tournament finally draw to an end. But can Negi pull out all the stops in order to ensure that he takes first prize? Or, will he be defeated by the mysterious Ku:nel Sanders? And, while we are on the subject of Ku:nel Sanders, what is his big secret that Negi finally uncovers... or so he thinks.

All these question are revealed in this, the latest addition of one of the best ass-kicking mangas on the market at the moment.

As with previous volumes, there's a readers picture gallery, where fans artwork is proudly displayed - a bit like Take Hart's Gallery section (remember that?) but without the crappy music; some background sketches of characters and buildings; translation notes; and a preview of the next issue.

Another worthy addition to your collection.

Pete Boomer

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