A King's Game

Authors: Greg Rucka, Nunzio DeFilippos and Christina Weir
Artists: Jesus Saiz and Cliff Richards
Titan Books
RRP: 9.99, US $14.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 8457 6436 4
ISBN-10: 1 84576 436 6
Available 23 March 2007

In the wake of a universe-spanning crisis, the world remains a dangerous place, with new metahuman threats and political battles spiralling out of control at any given moment. There is a desperate need to hold the line against destruction. There is a need - once more - for Checkmate. With core members Green Lantern, Mister Terrific, Fire, and Sasha Bordeaux, Checkmate is a formidable group - but will they be able to deal with the rising threats while contending with their own internal moral battles? And will a member's secret connection to the group known as the Suicide Squad mean that checkmate's mission is doomed from the start?...

A King's Game is a pretty engrossing graphic novel that has everything a good thriller should have.

How do you police a world of immensely powerful superheroes - and villains? Checkmate is the answer: a group of government operatives, superheroes and spies, dedicated to keeping the world safe - even if they operate in darkness. Re-chartered by the United Nations and governed by a "Rule of Two" that ensures joint partnership between human and metahuman leaders, the covert operations agency acts as the intelligence/intervention force seeking to establish order and balance in an increasingly unbalanced world.

Radically revised after the death of insane former leader Maxwell Lord, an all-new Checkmate was mobilised, including Mr Terrific, Fire, former Green Lantern Alan Scott, spymistress Amanda Waller, and many more. Their first mission? To survive their first week, as supervillain group Kobra and political enemies try to close them down.

With an engaging plot, and illustrations to die for, this really is an essential purchase.

Nick Smithson

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