Volume 2 (Hardback)

Authors: Jim Krueger and Alex Ross
Artists: Doug Braithwaite and Alex Ross
Titan Books
RRP: 12.99, US $19.99, Cdn $23.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 8457 6444 9
ISBN-10: 1 84576 444 7
Available 27 April 2007

The members of the mighty Justice League of America have become victims of the deadliest criminal masterminds of our time. The villains have gained the trust of the general populace, while continuing their true plans for world domination. But the Justice League has had enough, and they are now ready to fight back...

Volume 2 of Justice sees the JLA continuing to fight against an enemy organisation that is doing more good than evil. Super-villains are changing the world for the better, while the JLA are nowhere to be found. As the individual heroes face the reality that their identities have been discovered and team-mates incapacitated, Lex Luthor initiates the second phase of a plan that holds catastrophic global consequences.

To be honest this doesn't really add that much to the events that unfolded in Volume 1. The basic plot line follows the same thread, but what was eye opening in the first collection becomes the norm in this second graphic novel. The fact that it appears that the traditional bad guys are doing the right thing by mankind, while the earth's usual heroes are running around like a bunch of headless loons is an interesting idea - and one that the authors get a lot of mileage out of - but you know, at the back of your mind, how everything will eventually turn out.

Doug Braithwaite and Alex Ross's illustrations are beautifully realised - with each panel good enough to hang in a museum.

This collection contains another set of extras which come under the heading "From Bruce Wayne's Private Files in the Batcomputer". These give a little more background information on the heroes and villains in this collection. Interesting for the none JLA fanatic, but a little lost on hard-core fans. There are also a few pages of rough sketches.

Another interesting collection that is certainly worth checking out.

Nick Smithson

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