Crisis: Aftermath
The Battle for Blüdhaven

Authors: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti
Artists: Dan Jurgens and Gordon Purcell
Titan Books
RRP: £7.99, US $12.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 8457 6482 1
ISBN-10: 1 84576 482 X
Available 27 April 2007

There came a day when the world's superheroes faced an Infinite Crisis, and no one suffered more devastation than the people of Blüdhaven. The city was nearly obliterated in a chemical blast - tens of thousands died, millions more lost everything. Others found themselves changed, mutated by the toxins.
Now, one year later, Blüdhaven is still a no man's land, shut off from the refugees seeking to get back to their homes and even from the superheroes who seek to protect them...

The Battle of collects the six-issue comic book miniseries. In this collection Blüdhaven becomes a battlefield for Robin, Green Lantern, Cyborg, the Atomic Knights and many more superheroes and villains. This volume features the introduction of the Freedom Fighters and the new Monarch.

A sees a conflict between Robin's Teen Titans and the ruthless government super-team sent to stop them from discovering the truth. There's also conflict between Firebrand and the Black Baron, two men granted powers by the blast that destroyed their city, but who have put their powers to vastly different uses. Those conflicts are about to spill out into the ruined streets of Blüdhaven. When the battle is over, only one side will be able to lay claim to the city - if there's anything left to lay claim to. But a conflict is coming. Conflict between the mysterious Atomic Knights and the sinister government forces that have a hidden and deadly agenda in the city.

I was a little confused by the title. This is an Infinite Crisis tale, but while the cover clearly shows this, the spine has it down as simply a Crisis Tale. DC are not doing themselves any favours. Most online stores will not recognise a search for "Infinite Crisis" on this title. Not only that, but most comic book stores will have problems placing this in the right section for fans of the series to find it.

While this is far from an essential purchase, it does have its moments.

Nick Smithson

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