Love & Rockets
Maggie the Mechanic

Author: Jaime Hernandez
Artist: Jaime Hernandez
Titan Books
RRP: 9.99, US $14.95
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 520 0
ISBN-10: 1 84576 520 6
Available 25 May 2007

In 1982, brothers Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez created
Love & Rockets, a mixture of magical realism, science fiction, and meditations on the human condition, which became one of the most critically acclaimed series of all time. Now, follow the adventures of the spunky Maggie Chascarillo, her annoying best friend and sometime lover Hopey and their circle of friends, including bombshell Penny Century, Maggie's weirdo mentor Izzy, the wrestler Rena Titanon and Maggie's handsome love interest, Rand Race. From multi-award-winning writer and artist Jaime Hernandez comes the earliest, punkiest, most sci-fi Love & Rockets stories...

When Jaime Hernandez had to come up with a subject matter for Love & Rockets, he looked to the bustling early '80s punk scene that surrounded him, mixed in his own Mexican-American sensibilities and a dash of comicbook science fiction, and punkettes Maggie and Hopey - sometime lovers, full-time troublemakers, also known as "Las Locas" - were born.

Maggie the Mechanic presents the first five years' worth of "Locas" stories, in perfect chronological order. It includes Mechan-X, the very first Maggie and Hopey story; the full-length graphic novel Las Mujeres Perdidas (co-starring wrestling legend Rena Titanon); and two dozen other classic stories.

To be honest this collection will not be to everyone's taste. Personally I found it a little too pretentious. In fact it was an up hill slog for me to get through this collection without wanting to go and do something more interesting - like changing the bin liner in the office kitchen, or scrubbing that odd stain that has been on the microwave door for far too long... in fact, anything!

It's not that it's totally dire, just that it remind me of so many crappy student rag comics from my student years; self-absorbed pretentious nonsense and more than a little dull. Love & Rockets fans will probably get a blast, but most everyone else will wonder how on earth Hernandez ever made any money out of writing.

Nick Smithson

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