Star Wars
Rebellion - Volume 1
My Brother, My Enemy

Authors: Rob Williams and Thomas Andrews
Artists: Brandon Badeaux and Michel Lacombe
Titan Books
RRP: 12.99, US $14.95
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 460 9
ISBN-10: 1 84576 460 9
Available 25 May 2007

Jorin Sol, a Rebel strategist recently rescued from the Empire, quietly recovers from his ordeal in the medical bay of the Alliance command ship. When he awakens, will he will become the greatest threat to the Rebellion since the Death Star, or their greatest weapon? Meanwhile, Imperial Lieutenant Janek "Tank" Sunber has contacted Luke Skywaker in hope of defecting to the Rebel Alliance. Will Luke help his boyhood friend, or obey the orders of Princess Leia, who believes Tank is orchestrating a plot to capture the Rebellion's greatest hero...

For Star Wars fans that were sorry to see the conclusion of the Star Wars: Empire series with Volume 7, the good news is that Volume 1 of Rebellion picks up the story and runs with it. When we last saw our heroes, they were heading off into the sunset after rescuing Jorin Sol, and Tank swore to bring his childhood friend, Luke, to justice for murdering innocent soldiers of the Empire.

However, things have now taken a dramatic turn. Apparently Tank has had a change of heart and decides to send Luke an encoded message - he wants to join his friend in the Rebellion. Or does he? Will his defection be the most important coup for the Rebellion, or a master stroke that will ensure that the Empire can infiltrate the enemy threat?

My Brother, My Enemy is a fantastic way to start this new series. It's all guns (or blasters) blazing from the opening pages - and doesn't let up until the final panel. And while there are few surprises when the twists are revealed, it's still a great read.

If you are a serious Star Wars fan then you'll want to add this series to your collection.

Pete Boomer

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