School Rumble
Volume 6

Author: Jin Kobayashi
Artist: Jin Kobayashi
RRP: 5.99, US $10.95
ISBN-13: 978 0 099 50665 2
ISBN-10: 0 099 50665 3
Ages: 13+
Available 05 July 2007

The school athletics fair is meant to be a celebration of youth and fitness, but personal grudges, haughty attitudes, and long-standing rivalries have turned healthy competition into all-out war. Will Tsukamoto Tenma's teacher have his revenge for the theft of his cookies? Can Sawachika Eri and Harima Kenji bury the hatchet long enough to compete on the same team? Will hordes of young men get themselves injured just to be seen by the pretty health office nurse? And can the misfits of class 2-C ever hope to defeat the athletic, hard-studying, self-righteous creeps of class 2-D? Here is where it's all decided...

After I moaned that Volume 5 in this series consisted of way too many short stories that introduced too many new characters, Volume 6 seems to have over compensated by having half of its content devoted to the school's athletics fair.

To be honest I found that this got very tiresome very quickly and I was soon itching for something more interesting to happen. There is still plenty of romance and comedy, but the school athletics fair mainly breeds tales of competitiveness.

However, the final pages see a welcome return to form - with the promise of more quality entertainment continuing in Volume 7.

Personally, I would skip this volume and pretend that it never happened. While it's far from dire, it's still far removed from how good it can be at its best.

Amber Leigh

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