Silverfish (Hardback)

Author: David Lapham
Artist: David Lapham
Titan Books
RRP: 16.99, US $24.99, Cdn $29.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 468 5
ISBN-10: 1 84576 468 4
Available 24 August 2007

With her dad and new stepmother, Suzanne, away for the weekend, Mia Fleming finds her stepmother's secret possessions: an address book, a stash of money and a knife caked in blood. As Mia begins to unravel Suzanne's twisted double life, she unleashes a Pandora's box of horrors...

Silverfish is a graphic novel written and illustrated by David Lapham, a well respected figure in the comics industry - best known for his work in the field of crime stories - particularly the series Stray Bullets.

What starts as a childish prank turns into a deadly game of cat and mouse for 16-year-old Mia, when she discovers her new stepmother Suzanne's secret possessions: an address book, a stash of money and a knife caked in blood. Mia makes the fateful mistake of going through Suzanne's address book and calling everyone she knows. Although, oddly, no one has ever heard of her. What Mia soon discovers will see her running for her life.

What is it with people who write the blurb for the back of graphic novels? Is there one sadistic mother out there? Or is the whole profession twisted? One of the major plot twists is ruined by whoever wrote the synopsis on the back of this collection. The is she, isn't she? question hanging over the head of Suzanne is ruined. Several characters are brought into the tale to keep you guessing whether Suzanne is sick or a victim. However, read the back synopsis and the story is over before you've even read it.

This is the second graphic novel released this month (the other being Volume One of the Criminal series) which allows a poor synopsis to almost ruin a great story.

If you ignore the back of the book, and dive straight in, then you'll find that Lapham offers up an interesting little fishy tale.

Nick Smithson

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