Wonder Woman
The Greatest Stories Ever Told

Authors: William Moulton Marston, Robert Kanigher, Denny O'Neil and others
Artists: Harry G. Peter, Mike Esposito, Alex Ross and others
Titan Books
RRP: 10.99, US $19.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 599 6
ISBN-10: 1 84576 599 0
Available 24 August 2007

She is the most famous and inspirational super-heroine of all time. And now, ten of the best Wonder Woman stories ever told - some reprinted here for the first time - are assembled in this must-have collection for all fans of the amazing Amazon. From her startling origin, to her headlining debut in Sensation Comics, to her "new look" of the '60s, and her numerous battles with deadly villains such as the Cheetah, Giganta, and Dr. Psycho - this volume exemplifies the enduring popularity of DC Comics' greatest female icon. Featuring an introduction by TV's Lynda Carter...

Wonder Woman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told collects together ten Wonder Woman stories from the DC vaults.

And, similar to the problem I highlighted in my review of Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told, at no point are we told why the stories collected here are thought to represent the cream of the crop. Nor, for that matter does it explain who compiled this collection and how. If this had been a collection compiled by the readers of the Wonder Woman comic, or an expert on Wonder Woman, then it may have deserved the The Greatest Stories Ever Told tag. Personally, all I see are a collection of old stories - some good, some bad.

Another problem is that the only stories to be included are self-contained shorts - obviously you couldn't include a 20-part epic here. And, as some of the stories are being reprinted for the first time, who went through the vaults of all the back issues and reread them all? I'm guessing no one - that they were, in fact, picked at random. Or am I just being cynical?

It's a bit strange that most of the tales reprinted here are from the '40s to the '80s. Are we really expected to believe that after 1988 there has only been one story worthy of inclusion here? Oh dear. What were the writers in the '90s doing?

And are we really to believe that a story that has the following caption, in one of it's panels, is to be taken seriously? "Always the woman, Diana goes window shopping..." Okay, I know that Wonder Woman Comes to America was written in 1942, but even so... I guess it's only real reason for inclusion is that it was the first Wonder Woman tale - however that doesn't make it one of the greatest.

At the end of the day these are not the greatest Wonder Woman tales committed to print, some of them are incredibly poor, but for casual readers, this is an interesting collection that illustrates how Wonder Woman has changed over the decades.

Nick Smithson

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