Ghost Hunt
Volume 9

Author: Fuyumi Ono
Artist: Shino Inada
RRP: £5.99, US $10.95
ISBN: 978 0 099 50636 2
Ages: 13+
Available 04 October 2007

It starts with a group of high schoolers telling each other ghost stories in an abandoned classroom. When unexplained events begin to happen around the school, it's up to these friends to investigate. Is it a prank, the paranormal, or something much, much worse...? Their investigation leads them to the Shibuya Psychic Research firm, whose president is the handsome, dark and mysterious 17-year-old Naru...

In Ghost Hunt: Volume 9, the ghost hunters' new case has turned deadly. Naru, the leader of Shibuya Psychic Research, is under a dark spell. When Naru awakens, he foolishly decides to take on an evil spirit alone. Now he faces a life or death struggle.

This collection represents another interesting slice of the paranormal. I love the way that this series doesn't just deal with spirits and ghost from one angle. Here we discover that ghosts may not actually be aware that they have passed on - a common belief of those who subscribe in the existence of life after death.

Shino Inada's illustrations bring Fuyumi Ono's characters vividly to life. And, as with previous volumes, there is plenty of additional material to help readers appreciate the difference between Western comics and Japanese mangas. Here we get some detailed translation notes as well as a honorifics guide.

Fans of the series will love this, however those new to the series should really start at the beginning if they don't want to be left scratching their heads.

Nick Smithson

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