Tangent Comics
Volume 1

Authors: Dan Jurgens, Ron Marz, James Robinson and others
Artists: Dan Jurgens, Mike McKone, J.H. Williams III and others
Titan Books
RRP: 12.99, US $19.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 670 2
ISBN-10: 1 84576 670 9
Available 26 October 2007

You know their names... but you don't know these heroes. You don't know their world... the world of Tangent Comics. This Green Lantern wields no ring - just a mysterious artefact that allows her to raise the dead for one final mission. This Flash still travels as fast as light... because she's made of light. This Atom doesn't have the ability to change his size - he just has spectacular atomic powers... and a dark family secret that may ruin him...

Over 40 years ago, legendary creators took names and concepts from the Golden Age of DC Comics and used them to invent entirely new characters, ushering in the Silver Age of comics. With that same spirit of creativity, Tangent Comics takes the essence of beloved DC characters and uses it to create something new. And though these characters were intended as an experiment - a tangent - they're still impacting the DC Universe today.

Welcome to a very different world, where a nuclear-powered hero's debut ushered in an age of hi-tech invention, an atomic conflagration destroyed both Cuba and Florida; and the covert organisation Nightwing has eyes and ears in every home... Meet the heroes of this strange new world: the Green Lantern, who can raise the dead to fight evil; light-powered superheroine The Flash; nuclear hero the Atom; radioactive underwater mutants the Sea Devils; and the unstoppable covert military group known as the Metal Men.

Written and drawn by a galaxy of stars including Kurt Busiek (Superman) and J.H. Williams III (Promethea), this book allows readers to witness superheroes in a totally new light.

Pete Boomer

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