Teen Titans
Titans East

Authors: Geoff Johns and Adam Beechen
Artists: Tony S. Daniel, Al Barrionuevo, Peter Snejbjerg and Chris Batista
Titan Books
RRP: 8.99, US $14.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 607 8
ISBN-10: 1 84576 607 5
Available 26 October 2007

Deathstroke, the Titans' deadliest and most tenacious foe, is back. Seeking vengeance for the family he believes the Teen Titans have taken from him, the assassin puts together his own villainous squad consisting of some of the Titans' most menacing adversaries - and even a few of their allies. With his new "Titans East," Deathstroke has more than enough raw power to defeat his enemies. How will the Teen Titans defend themselves from the inevitable assault led by a rival who knows them the best and hates them the most?...

Titans East collects issues #42 - 47 of DC's Teen Titans comic book series. Master assassin Deathstroke has formed his own team of Teen Titans in order to take on the original Teen Titans, destroy them and take their place. What new team of Titans will rise out of the ashes in this epic battle?

The all-new Teen Titans, including Deathstroke's daughter, Ravager, have begun to bond. But when Jericho, the Terminator's other child, joins the team, Daddy decides that the family are due for a reunion. Now the Teen Titans must face old friends and opposite numbers - including Batgirl, Match, Sun Girl, Duela, Kid Crusader and Risk - as the Titans and Titans East face off in a vicious fight to the finish.

The opening tale, Devil May Care, also helps to rope in those that are not overly familiar with the Teen Titans. The story revolves around Kid Devil and his desperate attempt to be come a hero like Blue Devil - who himself was turned into a superhero accidentally. Kid Devil and Blue Devil both worked in the movie industry before Blue Devil was forced into a life of crime fighting. Kid Devil is just a normal kid who dreams of becoming like his hero.

This collection has everything every self respecting Teen Titan fan could wish for. There's impressive artwork, a gripping plot and more twists and turns than you'll be expecting. One of the best Teen Titan yarns to have emerged from the DC machine.

Pete Boomer

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