The Carry On Collection (2007)
Carry On Screaming (1966)

Starring: Harry H Corbett, Kenneth Williams, Jim Dale, Fenella Fielding, Joan Sims, Charles Hawtrey, Peter Butterworth, Bernard Bresslaw, Angela Douglas and Jon Pertwee
Optimum Classic
RRP: £12.99
Certificate: PG
Available 29 January 2007

Who is stealing virgins and turning them into shop-window mannequins? What is the meaning of the gigantic hairy finger found at the scene of the latest crime? What clues can the mad professor (Kenneth Williams) or his deathly pale and impossibly buxom sister (Fenella Fielding) provide to the hopeless Detective Bung (Harry H Corbett)? Join the
Carry On team including Charles Hawtrey, Bernard Bresslaw and Joan Sims as they chill your spine in this hair-raising spoof of the horror movie genre...

Something strange is happening in the woods - young girls are being abducted by a huge mysterious creature. Detective Sergeant Bung and his assistant Slobotham are called in to investigate, aided by Albert, fiancé of the latest victim. The trail leads them to a dark country house, presided over by the sinister Doctor Watt.

Carry On Screaming is a pretty impressive movie. The jokes come thick and fast and we have a new lead, in the form of Harry H Corbett. It's pretty obvious that the part was originally written for Sid James who, according to the audio commentary, was probably replaced in this movie because he asked for more money.

The whole film is a mickey-take of the Hammer Horror Studio's popular horror movies. The production manages to look the part - with great lighting, sets and costumes (although Fenella Fielding reveals in the audio commentary that she had to buy her own jewellery).

The only real let down is that some of the Carry On regulars are missing (Sid James and Kenneth Connor) while others only appear briefly (Charles Hawtrey), but Harry H Corbett fits in as those he's been part of the team for years. Fenella Fielding is incredibly sexy as Valeria and Peter Butterworth is on form, as ever, in the role of Detective Constable Slobotham.

Extras include an audio commentary with Angela Douglas, Fenella Fielding and Carry On historian Robert Ross; stills gallery; trivia notes; and theatrical trailer.

On the commentary Fielding recalls how the press at the times slated this movie - even though they seemed to rave about the previous movie Carry On Cowboy when it was released.

Fielding mentions that she just loved Charles Hawtrey. Angela Douglas kept quiet, which is hardly surprising given the fact that she said, in her commentary on Carry On Cowboy, that he gave her the creeps. Douglas also reveals that Joan Sims was her own worse enemy and that she wasn't emotionally very strong.

One of the better Carry On movies in the series, and certainly worth adding to your collection.

Darren Rea

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