Ah! My Goddess
Volume 2 - Love Plus One

Starring (voice): Kikuko Inoue, Masami Kikuchi, Aya Hisakawa and Yumi Tôma
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: PG
Available 16 April 2007

Keiichi's life with Belldandy becomes a little more complicated with the introduction of Megumi, Keiichi's little sister. She wants to help Belldandy get closer to her brother, and ends up sending them on a romantic date. Unfortunately, Keiichi's wish has thrown a few bugs into Heaven's computer, and the System Force crashes. Belldandy's older sister Urd comes down from On High to fix the problem, but she decides it would be more fun to fix Keiichi instead. What will happen when she convinces Keiichi that the only way to fix the system is for him to kiss Belldandy?...

Ah! My Goddess is based on the original story by Kosuke Fujishima, which was serialised in Kodansha's monthly magazine Afternoon. The five episodes on Volume Two include:

Ah! A Blessing in Every Bargain?: Keiichi's younger sister, Megumi turns up at at the temple where Keiichi and Belldandy are staying. Megumi is looking for an apartment, but doesn't know where to start. The three of them head out to find Megumi, but it's no simple task. When they do find her dream place it holds a dark secret.

Ah! Where to Confess Ones Love: Megumi is surprised to learn that Belldandy didn't buy anything for Keiichi for Valentine's Day. Megumi helps Belldandy make a gift for Keiichi and tells her to give it to him in a romantic place. Not knowing what a romantic place is, Belldandy asks Sayoko for help. Sayoko, still trying to split Belldandy and Keiichi up, suggest that the campus playboy, Toshiyuki Aoshima, will know the perfect romantic place. But when Belldandy asks him he takes her to a hotel room and tries to seduce her - not really what Belldandy had in mind.

Ah! Can You Pass the Love Test With Those Low Scores?: While in a pharmacy getting some medicine for Belldandy's cold, Keiichi is given a video by the shop assistant. When he returns home Keiichi watches the video. A mysterious woman appears on the screen, and then jumps out of the TV. This is Belldandy's older sister, Urd, who attempts to get Keiichi to make a romantic pass at Belldandy. It seems that the System Force is down, and Urd has come to earth in order to sort Belldandy and Keiichi's relationship out.

Ah! The Queen and the Goddess' Secret: Belldandy becomes Campus Queen after beating Sayoko at the annual Miss NIT contest. Angry with coming second best, Sayoko kidnaps Keiichi in a bid to find out the truth about who Belldandy really is. We also discover that Urd has a secret - Enka music sends her to sleep.

Ah! Can the Autoclub Triumph?: Toshiyuki Aoshima starts a rival motor club to Keiichi's Nekomi Club. Toshiyuki's Four Wheels Club challenges Keiichi and his gang to a race. The losers must disband their group. Keiichi and Belldandy get to represent Nekomi in the race, but Toshiyuki is intent on sabotaging their chances. Do Keiichi and Belldandy stand any chance of winning?

Extras only include textless opening and closing titles.

Those that have read Kosuke Fujishima's original manga will be impressed at how faithful (relatively) the animated series remains to the storylines. While the slightly adult nature of some of the scenes has been smoothed over, this still remains pretty faithful to the source material.

Darren Rea

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