Star Trek
Deep Space Nine
Season 3
(Slimline Packaging)

Starring: Avery Brooks
Paramount Home Entertainment
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Certificate: PG
Available 30 April 2007

When Season Three of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine began fans had already waved a tearful goodbye to The Next Generation and plans for Voyager were in full swing. This season, more than any in its seven year run, set Deep Space Nine apart from what had come before in the Star Trek Universe. Setting a
darker tone, this season saw Sisko acting more as a human being rather than a sycophantic Starfleet Officer. In this season we see him struggling with his conscience on a number of occasions (Something first witnessed in Season Two's The Marquis two-parter.

While the previous two seasons had mainly been home to single episode storylines (with a few exceptions), Season Three gave fans a taste of the story arcs to come.

This season also saw the introduction of the Defiant, DS9's battleship which also housed a cloaking device (about time Starfleet got around to sorting that out). Other changes this season include Sisko being promoted to captain, Nog showing a serious interest in applying to Starfleet Academy and Odo discovering his origins. Jonathan Frakes also makes a guest appearance in the episode Defiant.

Two of my personal favourite episodes of DS9 are in season three: Life Support and Heart of Stone. Life Support is one of the very few really moving episodes (others being the Season Four episode The Visitor and Season One's episode Duet), of DS9's seven year run. And Heart of Stone is memorable for the way Odo spills his guts and then (like we've all experienced after one too many Babychams) comes to regret it in the morning.

Other memorable episodes include Visionary (O'Brien witnesses events that happen in the near future and there seems to be no way to avoid them); Past Tense (a two-parter that sees the crew of DS9 stranded in the past) and Through the Looking Glass (the second alternate universe story).

But this season also has one of the worst episodes, Distant Voices, in which Bashir suddenly starts to age rapidly and... er that's it really. But worry not, because there are two great Ferengi episodes, Prophet Motive and Family Business, to set this season back on the right track.

Season Three also sees the arrival of both Leeta (Chase Masterson) and Kasidy Yates (Penny Johnson, who went on to star in 24) as semi regular characters. And Garak fans will be glad to see that everyone's favourite Cardassian tailor gets a lot more to do this season.

Extras include: The Birth of the Dominion and Beyond; Michael Westmore's Aliens: Season Three; Time Travel Files: Past Tense; Crew Dossier: Odo; Sailing Through the Stars; and Future Shop.

Yet another cracking season.

Darren Rea

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