House of Rock

Starring (voice): Richard Preddy, Gary Howe, Gavin Claxton, Cavin Cornwall and Morwenna Banks
Fremantle Home Entertainment & Fabulous Films
RRP: 15.99
Certificate: 18
Available 14 May 2007

What would happen if Biggie Smalls, John Lennon, John Denver, Freddie Mercury and Kurt Cobain shared a home and experienced the usual problems in a house occupied by a diverse bunch of men: disagreements, practical jokes and an existence revolving around what's on the telly?
House of Rock not only draws on the rocks stars' notorious reputations and personas, it has them parodying popular contemporary TV programmes like Ally McBeal and Big Brother in the afterlife...

House of Rock is the outrageously wacky Channel 4 animated series that follows the surreal afterlife of some of our greatest (sadly departed) pop stars. Five dead rock stars - Freddie Mercury, John Denver, Marc Bolan (who is quickly replaced by John Lennon), Kurt Cobain and Big Smalls (aka Notorious B.I.G) - share a house in the afterlife.

Like any shared household, all five bring something different to the group. Denver is the calming voice of reason. He's the one who is constantly trying to keep everyone else in check and stop the fighting breaking out. As far as the rest of the group are concerned, Mercury is a raving queen; Kurt Cobain is paranoid, depressed and permanently wasted drug addict; Lennon is a hippy who's universal message of peace is peacing the other house mates off; and Notorious B.I.G is a foul-mouthed, sexist, gun-toting lunatic.

This DVD contains all ten episodes from the show's second series. I'm not really sure why the creators decided to get rid of Marc Bolan and replace him with John Lennon. Lennon doesn't really do that much to be honest.

In this series, the house mates take part in a Big Brother eviction night (it's not overly difficult to work out who is going to get the boot); invite other dead celebrities round for a Star Wars themed party; go to court to find out who pinched Freddie's elder flower eye gel; have a Twilight Zone moment while fixing the TV aerial; organise a command performance for Jesus - who they discover is from Birmingham; and use an Ouija board to contact the living in order to fix their house subsidence problems.

Extras include two wacky animated shorts. First up is All Aboard the Cat Bus (12 mins), in which Gwyneth Paltrow drives the Cat Bus on her quest to get her English accent back by visiting the queen. On her travels she meets Elvis Costello, Lloyd Grossman, Shaun Ryder and Al Pacino amongst others. This is followed by Popcultomania (11 mins), the celebrity TV panel to end them all. Half animation, half live action. Popcultomania is hosted by Alfred Hitchcock with two teams captained by Che Guevara and Andy Warhol.

At the end of the day this series won't be to everyone's taste. It's not exactly highbrow entertainment and is more likely to appeal to teenagers. Having said that I loved it. It really appealed to my sick, and rather twisted sense of humour. If you are a little twisted you'll love it. Dead funny.

Nick Smithson

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