CSI: Miami
Season 4 - Part 1

Starring: David Caruso, Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez, Khandi Alexander and Jonathan Togo
Momentum Pictures
RRP: 34.99
Certificate: 15
Available 02 July 2007

Chronicling the work of the Miami-Dade crime investigators,
CSI: Miami is set against the sun, fun and tropics of the Florida tourist haven. Leading the team is Horatio Caine, an ex-bomb squad detective who is no stranger to confrontations with criminals and the underworld...

After stating in my review of Season 3 - Part 2 of CSI: Miami that David Caruso's character, Lieutenant Horatio Caine, was starting to grow on me. I'm sad to report that he's back to his old annoying habits in this volume. Pointless posing; removing and replacing his sunglasses constantly; always being right; and the world's most patronising character all add up to make this reviewers blood boil every time I have to see his smug little face on screen.

This collection includes the first 12 episodes of Season 4, spread over three discs.

Highlights include:

Blood In The Water: When a fire starts onboard a private boat, two of the occupants jump overboard - straight into shark infested waters. The CSI team is called in to investigates the disappearance of the two teenagers, as well as the robbery of a quantity of gold bars. This episode is interesting for the number of surprises it uncovers as the investigation digs deeper.

Three-way: When the pool boy of a hotel is found dead, the evidence leads the CSI team to three housewives who are on a girls only weekend. This episode follows Calleigh, Delko and Wolfe as they work the crime scene. Each investigator comes to a different conclusion as to who was responsible for the pool boy's murder.

Under Suspicion: Caine, it would seem, is being framed for a murder he didn't commit. The victim was a woman that Caine was seeing, and he admits to being the last one to see her alive. The CSI team must dig deep to prove that Caine was not responsible. Sadly, this episode does not see Caine being convicted of the murder - so we are robbed of him rotting in jail (shame). But it does have some classic annoying Caine moments. I loved the way he told Tripp how to do his job - asking him to take his gun and badge off him because now he is a murder suspect. And then I loved the way, despite being suspect number one, that he was allowed to walk around the lab (compromising evidence if he so wanted) and heading off after the real killer alone.

Felony Flight: This is a two-part crossover story which concludes as a CSI: NY episode. A plane crash-lands and only two of the occupants survive. The plane was a prison transport plane, and the two survivors are convicts. One of the convicts is a serial killer. Mac Taylor (from CSI: NY) was responsible for originally arresting the killer and arrives in Miami to help Horatio track him down.

Nailed: This episode starts pretty dramatically with Delco and Wolfe driving erratically. The reason? Wolfe has a large nail embedded in his eye and Delco is rushing him to hospital. The rest of the episode is told in flashback from before the accident. Of course, this gives the writers a million and one excuses to keep teasing the viewer as to when Wolfe will get the nail in his eye. Although I think it's a little overdone with Calleigh twice pointing a nail gun at Wolfe, and Wolfe looking down the barrel of a nail gun that won't fire. The murder that's being investigated is of a woman, who was starting divorce proceedings against her husband, and there's an interesting twist in this tale.

Urban Hellraisers: While in the bank Delko witnesses an armed robbery. Although the robbery seems a little odd - why wasn't more money taken? And why did one of the thieves attempt to rape someone at the same time? It soon transpires that the thieves are re-enacting a video game. And have to do more outlandish things in order to score the most points.

Shattered: This episode sees Delko under suspicion of purchasing drugs, after a murder suspect reveals that he has sold drugs to the CSI officer. Caine gets involved, determined to back his man up and prove his innocence. This episode also proves to Caine that the CSI mole, that has been hinted at in previous episodes, actually exists.

48 Hours to Life: This is not an episode I personally though was very good. I only mention it because it sees Caine at his most annoying (Under Suspicion comes a close second). Even when a young man confesses to a murder Caine is adamant that he is innocent. And, when another crime occurs Caine has no problems with the crime as he suspects that there were extenuating circumstances - surprise, surprise he is right on both counts.

This collection also include a very brief cameo from Stargate: SG-1's Michael Shanks as well as an ongoing role for Brendan Fehr (Roswell - or Roswell High as it was better known in the UK).

There are not featurettes in this collection. As far as extras go we get optional audio commentaries on six episodes (From the Grave; Prey; Felony Flight; Urban Hellraisers; Shattered; and Payback) and that's your lot - which to be honest is a bit of a rip off when you consider that it will set you back £70 if you want to buy a whole season in the CSI franchise.

The majority of these episodes are extremely enjoyable and this is certainly a collection that CSI: Miami fans will be proud to add to their collection, even if it is a little on the expensive side.

Amber Leigh

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