Ah! My Goddess
Volume 4 - We've Got Tonight

Starring (voice): Kikuko Inoue, Masami Kikuchi, Aya Hisakawa and Yumi Tôma
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: 12
Available 08 August 2007

The days are never dull at the Morisato household, where Skuld is building a robot to protect Belldandy from Keiichi's hesitant advances. Unfortunately, when the robot itself falls in love with everyone's favourite goddess, it won't let anyone near her at all! Summer break arrives, and the gang head to the beach. Urd decides it's time to capitalise on two of her favourite things - swimsuits and love schemes. Keiichi is given a mission: if he can't kiss Belldandy on the moonlit beach, he won't be able to spend a blissful eternity with her...

Ah! My Goddess is based on the original story by Kosuke Fujishima, which was serialised in Kodansha's monthly magazine Afternoon. The four episodes on Volume Four include:

Episode 15, Ah! A Heart Stolen by a Goddess: Skuld has been busy with her new invention: a powerful robot named Banpei-kun RX . Skuld designed Banpei in order to win favour with Belldandy (she's still jealous that her older sister spends so much time looking after Keiichi). When Marlier shows up Banpei sees her off. But the robot's protective duties don't stop there. Anyone who goes near Belldandy is fair game for an attack. It soon becomes obvious that Banpei is in love with Belldandy.

Episode 16, Ah! Misfortune Arrives and the Tea-stalk Stands Upright?: Marlier's latest plan is to take control of Megumi's body and then spend some time with Keiichi and Belldandy. She also employs the help of Senbei the God of Poverty - a bad luck spirit who enjoys causing mayhem. Senbei makes Keiichi do embarrassing things in the hope that Belldandy will get mad and go back to Heaven.

Episode 17, Ah! What do Talent and Hard Work Have to do With it?: When club member Sora is entered into an all-girls racing event, it brings back years of being a total failure. It would seem that while Sora is great behind the scenes in their team, she has no desire to actually race. Skuld, Urd and Belldandy all step forward to offer helpful advice. Skuld has gone to a lot of trouble to build a race course and a robotic car to help Sora, while Urd has a magic potion that will turn Sora into a determined competitor. In the end it's Belldandy's common sense that once again saves the day.

Episode 18, Ah! Confess Your Love Under the Moon?: Megumi gives Keiichi two tickets for a free stay at a hotel by the beach - with instructions that he must take Belldandy and make his feelings known to her. Of course, nothing is that easy for poor old Keiichi and before he knows what is going on Skuld and Urd join them on their romantic trip. Urd reveals to Keiichi that there is a spot on the island where, if he confesses his love for another during a full moon, that love can never be broken. The trouble is Keiichi has no idea how to find it.

Extras are as bland as usual. All we get is a textless version of the end credits, screen shot gallery and DVD credits (if you really think that this is a value added extra).

Of all the episodes in this collection, Ah! Confess Your Love Under the Moon? was my favourite. There is much more comedy in this episode than the others. And there was one scene that I had to rewind and watch twice because I laughed so hard.

Comedy, romance and adventure. What more do you want? Everyone should be collecting this series.

Darren Rea

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