Speed Grapher
Volume Three

Starring (voice): Yuuji Takada, Kei Satou, Takako Honda and Naoki Makishima
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 06 August 2007

Set in a future world characterised by the conspicuous consumption of all types of pleasures,
Speed Grapher follows former war photographer Saiga into an underground world of mysterious power. After venturing into the Roppongi Club in volume one, Saiga has uncovered his own power to make things spontaneously combust, and now he's on the run with the mysterious woman Kagura. In volume three, the pair are fleeing the powers of the Tokyo underworld, leading to a confrontation in which Saiga finally learns the truth...

Speed Grapher is a gritty science-fantasy animated series for mature viewers. A potent and provocative cocktail of forbidden sex, blood-spattered violence, conspiracy and intrigue. Add to that mix an ultra-cool anti-hero, a beautiful teenage Goddess, a fetishistic female detective and an ever-expanding line-up of genetically mutated super-assassins and you get a pretty good idea what you are letting yourself in for.

Volume Three contains the episodes:

Into the Bath: Saiga and Kagura are on the run with Ginza and Tsujido hot on their heels. When they stop at a spa in a remote area, Kagura learns some shocking truths about her own origins. But the most startling revelation is a glimpse into the human side of Shinsen.

Suitengu Cometh: Saiga and Kagura search an old abandoned research lab, hoping to find any clues about the Divine Goddess' true nature. Suitengu already knows where they are and arrives just in time to unleash his power on the photographer.

Mother Critical: After narrowly escaping death after his confrontation with Suitengu, Saiga is unconscious. But before he blanks out he tells Ginza where Kagura is hiding.

Left Hand Lullaby: Suitengu has put his plan, to seize control of the Tennozu Group, into action. He is moments away from realising the most critical step (marrying Shinsen and tying himself to the company's assets). Kagura, having learned of Suitengu's intention, breaks out of the research facility. Her plan is to warn her mother before it's too late.

Extras on this collection include Character Cast Auditions (8 min listen to the auditions of another three characters for the English language soundtrack); Art Gallery; Textless Opening and Closing Titles; and Trailers.

Another cracking collection in this hard hitting anime series.

Pete Boomer

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