Trinity Blood
Chapter 2

Starring (voice): Hiroki Touchi, Mamiko Noto, Junichi Suwabe and Junko Minagawa
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 03 September 2007

It is 500 years after Armageddon left the earth ravished. Desperate for even the slightest shred of hope in an uncertain future, the people turned to religion for solace. The Catholic Church, although wrought with corruption, became the prime force in restoring civilisation. But an enemy far worse than corruption lingered in the darkness... Vampires now feed on the blood of humanity. To ensure peace, individuals within the Church have secretly formed the ultra-tactical team, the AX. Under the command of Lady Caterina Sforza, Duchess of Milano, the AX is committed to protecting humankind and punishing those who threaten the Vatican's interests. Ironically, the most powerful agent within the AX is not human. Father Abel Nightroad is a crusnik, a shape-shifter able to feed on the blood of vampires. It is he who leads the fight against a legion of vampires known as the Rosen Kreuz, whose members will do whatever it takes to become earth's superior species. As a new countdown to destruction begins, it's up to the AX to save humanity and to resurrect the long-forgotten era of peace...

Based on a series of novels by the late Sunao Yoshida, which were subsequently transformed into manga adaptations, the neo-Gothic sci-fi adventure Trinity Blood is a 24-episode anime series recounting an epic battle between good and evil as bloodsucking vampires fight tooth and claw against emissaries of the Church with the earth as the prize.

Volume Two contains episodes five to eight:

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Father Abel Nightroad escorts Sister Esther Blanchett to the Vatican. Here she meets Lady Caterina Sforza, William Walter Wordsworth, Father Havel, Sister Noelle Bor, and Sister Kate Scott. It's not long before Esther gets lost while exploring the Vatican. She comes across a young boy who is crying. It's not until others arrive that Esther realises that the boy is in fact Pope Alessandro XVIII.

Sword Dancer: In response to a murder on holy ground, in Amsterdam, Lady Caterina sends in Father Hugue, better known as "Sword Dancer", to head up the investigation. Despite how everything looks, the local vampires are not responsible for the murder. Cabel, the leader of the local vampires, realises that the unconscious memories of Agnes can help prove their innocence. But, with so much at stake on the investigation's outcome, no one can be trusted and no one is safe.

Never Land: When ships off the coast of Albion are attacked by vampire fairies, Abel seeks out an old comrade, Father Leon Garcia - a former AX member now doing hard time. In exchange for his assistance, Leon will get his prison sentence reduced by 20 years. When they arrive on a nearby island they discover a land full of young children. This episode pays homage to the Peter Pan story.

Silent Noise: After the unexplained destruction of the National Palace in Spain, Father Abel and Sister Noelle are sent to Barcelona to see if they can find out why it collapsed. Noelle reveals her true feelings for Abel. Abel soon discovers a mysterious stranger, who is behind the Spanish destruction. It looks like Abel has met his match - the stranger is armed with a weapon that could kill thousands of innocents in seconds.

Extras are even more disappointing than Volume One. All we get are textless opening and closing titles and a couple of trailers for other anime releases.

Another entertaining collection of episodes that are well worth seeking out.

Nick Smithson

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