Ah! My Goddess
Volume 5 - In Your Eyes

Starring (voice): Kikuko Inoue, Masami Kikuchi, Aya Hisakawa and Yumi Tôma
RRP: £19.99
Certificate: 12
Available 01 October 2007

For the Morisato household, it is a time of change. First Belldandy has a change of attitude, from perfectly innocent to the perfect opposite. A little magic accident gives Keiichi's gender a change of its own. Urd has some changes in store when she walks away from her job in an attempt to save her sister's life. She has her powers revoked, and she turns to "the Devil in Miss Urd" to get them back...

Ah! My Goddess is based on the original story by Kosuke Fujishima, which was serialised in Kodansha's monthly magazine Afternoon. The four episodes on Volume Five include:

Ah! Please Don't Look at Me Like That: In her ongoing quest to get the flames of desire burning between Keiichi and Belldandy, Urd makes some love sweets. However, Skuld is suspicious and adds some extras ingredients when Urd's back is turned. Belldandy eats one of the sweets and ends up acting like a loose woman. As she drags Keiichi out on a date she gets more and more forward with Keiichi - but he's too scared to confess his love for her.

Ah! If You're a Real Man Save the Goddess: Urd and Skuld return to Heaven to complete some work. But to stop Keiichi and Belldandy getting romantic Skuld manages to turn Keiichi into a woman. Keiichi and Belldandy try to make an antidote from Urd's potion ingredients. It doesn't work, and Belldandy becomes ill. Keiichi attempts to ring the Goddess Helpline once again to seek Urd and Skuld's help.

Ah! What Would I Give For an Angel With White Wings?: Keiichi, Urd and Skuld hear Belldandy singing with her angel. Skuld can't wait to get an angel of her own. However, instead of training properly, Skuld decides to use magic to help speed up the process. Skuld wants to have an angel before Urd. Little does Skuld know that Urd is keeping a secret from her... one that she does not want discovered.

Ah! A Devil's Whisper Coming From an Urn: While in the bowels of Hell, Mara finds a demonic urn. After leaving her post in Heaven to help Belldandy, Urd's goddess license had been temporarily suspended. She decides she doesn't need magic anyway and starts to look for a normal job. But it's not long before things start to go wrong and Mara's demon offers to give Urd demonic powers - an offer Urd can't refuse.

Extras are as bland as usual. All we get are are a Line Art Gallery; and Screen Shot Gallery.

For those who like Ah! My Goddess best when they're watching a comedic episode, then the first two stories in this collection will certainly appease you. Yet again, lack of extras aside, this disc represents another set of quality episodes from this fantastic series.

Darren Rea

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