Speed Grapher
Volume Four

Starring (voice): Yuuji Takada, Kei Satou, Takako Honda and Naoki Makishima
RRP: 19.99
Certificate: 15
Available 01 October 2007

Set in a future world characterised by the conspicuous consumption of all types of pleasures,
Speed Grapher follows former war photographer Saiga into an underground world of mysterious power. After venturing into the Roppongi Club in volume one, Saiga has uncovered his own power to make things spontaneously combust, and now he's on the run with the mysterious woman Kagura...

The stink of corruption permeates every brick in the city, and Saiga's eyesight continues to grow worse by the day. As the truth is revealed through the lens of a microscope, the photographer is left to wonder which battlefield from his past made him a player in this deadly game. But the genetic puzzle must be left for another day, for Saiga has a promise to keep.

Speed Grapher is a gritty science-fantasy animated series for mature viewers. A potent and provocative cocktail of forbidden sex, blood-spattered violence, conspiracy and intrigue. Add to that mix an ultra-cool anti-hero, a beautiful teenage Goddess, a fetishistic female detective and an ever-expanding line-up of genetically mutated super-assassins and you get a pretty good idea what you are letting yourself in for.

Volume Four contains the episodes:

Ginza the Lawless: Ginza takes Saiga to visit Dr. Ryogoku. An expert in the field of DNA reveals that the results of samples taken from from Saiga and Kagura sheds new light on the Euphoria Syndrome. Meanwhile, Suitengu realises that the only way he will still be able to seize power is by marrying Kagura.

The Wedding Photographer: Suitengu and Kagura's wedding plans are going smoothly. The bride is under Suitengu's influence and only thing missing is a photographer. Hmm I wonder who might turn up at short notice with a camera.

Hell is a Wet Woman: After Saiga rescues Kagura, the two take off on the run. But they haven't reckoned on the the intervention of a mysterious woman with a strange past. Saiga must come to the rescue of Kagura once again as they are threatened by a monster from the deep.

Audit the Wicked: The Tennozu Group set about preparing for their semi-annual financial audit - cue a clips show of some of the show's highlights to date.

Extras on this collection include Saito Documentary: Part 1 (49 min featurette that looks at the auditions for Kagura Tennozo); Character Cast Auditions (9 mins audio featurette that deals with another handful of auditions for the American cast); Art Gallery; Textless Opening and Closing Titles; and Trailers.

Apart from Audit the Wicked, which is basically a rather disappointing clips show, this DVD is another entertaining release for anime fans.

Pete Boomer

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