Red Dwarf
Just the Smegs

Starring: Craig Charles, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn, Hattie Hayridge and Norman Lovett
RRP: 15.99
Certificate: 12
Available 19 November 2007

David Lister, the last man alive, travels the universe with only a hologram of his dead nemesis Arnold Judas Rimmer, an evolved cat and a senile computer to keep him company...

There is little point in doing an in-depth look at Red Dwarf, anyone who is looking at this site and has no idea about the show must be few and far between.

So the most successful science fiction show on BBC2 still has a little life in it yet with the release of Just the Smegs which collects together the Red Dwarf Smeg Ups and Smeg Outs DVD collections.

It's hard to know what to write for a DVD which almost consists wholly of nothing but filmed goofs, from series' one through six, with, at times, linking presentation. I have a vague memory of these being released on VHS some years back but didn't buy them for the same reason, one man's hilarity is another mans idea of purgatory. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like the show, in fact, I was an avid watcher for the first couple of series - until the changes and the repetition of jokes started to make me loose interest - and I have the same problem with this release.

Watching actors fluff their lines and special effects going wrong is amusing for about ten minutes, but what we have here is two, fifty min blooper reels as well as a further two ten min compilations and one thirty min special. There are also extras in the form of more smegs from series seven and eight as well as The Smeg Ups: Broadcast Version.

I guess if you're an avid Red Dwarf fan, who missed these when they first came out, it would be an opportunity to add them to your collection. For the general viewer, it's the sort of thing that you might dip into now and again, or put on during a particularly drunken evening, but for my humble self I found it tedious and repetitious.

Charles Packer

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