Austin Powers
International Man of Mystery
10 Year Anniversary Edition

Starring: Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley, Michael York, Seth Green, Robert Wagner and Mimi Rogers
Optimum Classic
RRP: 17.99
Certificate: 15
Available 03 December 2007

The dastardly doings of Dr. Evil lead to his escape into outer space and the cryogenic freezing of superagent Austin Powers. Thirty years later Dr. Evil returns to earth to bring about terror and mass destruction but finds his ideas and methods a bit out of date. So too does our hero who upon being thawed out, finds he's a bit behind the times as well. Well meaning and bumbling efforts to thwart the insidious Dr. Evil keep Austin and his devastatingly beautiful partner Vanessa busy from London to Las Vegas...

There's little point in running through this movie - everyone's seen it. When this was originally release on DVD I gave it a solid 9 out of 10. While the movie still holds up I'm seriously trying to work out what on Earth Optimum thought they were doing reissuing this without actually providing any real added value content.

The DVD comes as a two disc collection, which in itself is a joke. Come on... it's pretty obvious that all the content would have easily fitted on a single disc. So what extras do we get. Well, there's the same additional content that was on the original Pathe release (audio commentary with Mike Myers and director Jay Roach - which is pretty dull; deleted scenes; and two awful alternative endings).

New for this DVD is a 17 minute retrospective entitled Austin Powers: A Shagadelic Decade. Then there are a number of text based information features that look at the guest stars and what movies this is spoofing. These have hard to navigate pages, due to the fact that the only way you can tell which option you are highlighting is because it's very slightly bolder than the other options. Also included is a 1997 promo which includes interviews with Myers and Hurley on set. There's a music video of Ming Tea's BBC song (2.5 mins); TV spots (2 mins) and original trailer (2 mins); and a multiple choice trivia quiz (which you can pretty much complete successfully if you watch all of the extras).

So that's it?! 27 mins of additional material and a crappy quiz?!? Anniversary DVDs are supposed to commemorate a movie. Where's the specially commissioned features? Where's the thought and care that fans will expect? Where's anything that would make you want to rush out and buy this?

When you can pick the original single disc version on most online stores for around £3 why on earth would you spend nearly £18 buying this badly padded reissue? This is the worst attempt at a blatant cash in I've ever seen. Avoid like the plague!

Ray Thompson

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