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Book Cover

Volume 16


Author: Ken Akamatsu
Artist: Ken Akamatsu
RRP: £6.99, US $10.95
ISBN: 978 0 099 50639 3
Ages: 16+
Available 02 January 2008

Negi's in serious trouble: As punishment for not stopping Chao's sinister plot, he's been locked in an underground prison... and transformed into an ermine. Worse yet, he's been dismissed from his post at Mahora Academy - and may never see his students again. Can they save him from certain doom?...

Volume 16 of Negima! continues the adventures of ten-year-old Negi Springfield. He has just graduated from a British school for magic only to find himself assigned to teach English in an all-girl's Japanese high school.

All Negi wants is to become a great wizard - but he's forbidden to use magic in his new post. Still, he can't help himself when his powers can solve somebody else's problem. Of course, sometimes his magic only makes things worse...

This latest addition to the series is full of the same humour that made the author's Love Hina such a cult success. While this isn't really a collection that you can jump in and pick up what has gone before, if you've followed this from the start you'll have a blast.


Pete Boomer

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