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DC: World War III (A 52 Story)


Authors: Keith Champagne, John Ostrander, Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison and others
Artists: Pat Olliffe, Andy Smith, Tom Derenick and others
Titan Books
RRP: £11.99, US $17.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 653 5
ISBN-10: 1 84576 653 9
Available 25 January 2008

The cataclysmic events of Infinite Crisis have left the world without its three biggest icons - Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman - and the question is asked: who will stand up in their absence?...

World War III follows on from the events that unfolded in the year long DC comic book series 52 - which has also been released as a four-part graphic novel collection.

In the aftermath of the explosive climax of 52, Black Adam - the reformed super villain with powers greater than almost every other superhero - has gone on a terrifying murderous rampage, slaughtering thousands . But with Superman gone, is there a single superhero on Earth who can stop him? The answer seems to be no - but if all the other heroes were to work together...

The artwork is the most impressive aspect of this thin collection. But then, that's hardly surprising as a small army of artists seem to have been employed to put it all together.

What was already a very thin graphic novel is made even shorter when you consider that part of Week 50 is reprinted here page by page. This collection is almost a third thinner than Volume Four of 52, yet both retail for £11.99. The sad thing is, while not an essential read, World War III does add to the the events that have gone before. Obviously though, this is one that only those who have been following 52 will appreciate.

One for die-hard fans only I'm afraid.


Nick Smithson

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