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Graphic Novel Review

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Star Wars
Knights of the Old Republic
Volume 3 - Days of Fear, Nights of Anger


Author: John Jackson Miller
Artists: Dustin Weaver, Brian Ching and Harvey Tolibao
Titan Books
RRP: £14.99, US $18.95
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 740 2
ISBN-10: 1 84576 740 3
Available 22 February 2008

Padawan Zayne Carrick turns himself over to the forces wrongfully accusing him of murdering his fellow Jedi-in-training, the senile genius Camper finds himself in the hands of the corporation he has spent a lifetime running from, and that's just the beginning of the trouble the fugitive crew of The Last Resort are about to face...

In the Old Republic, the Jedi Knights form the backbone of law and order, just as they would 4,000 years later in Anakin Skywalker’s time. But there are factions within the Jedi - including a cabal that fears young Zayne Carrick may unleash the Sith upon the galaxy.

Framed by his former Masters for murder, Zayne becomes a fugitive along with the con artist Gryph and two mysterious Arkanians, the addled inventor Camper and his fierce protector Jarael.

Now, with the Mandalorians crashing forward over the Republic’s defences, the outlaws who never planned to be together finally have the chance to go their own ways. But in the Old Republic, danger lies in every direction.

Days of Fear, Nights of Anger collects together issues #13-18 of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic comic book series.

When a scheme to lie low lands Zayne and his con artist companion Gryph on the frontline of the Mandalorian Wars, a terrifying vision of the future leads Zayne to sacrifice his own safety in hopes of saving an ungrateful Republic. Elsewhere, an event involving her beloved mentor Camper forces Jarael to return them both to Arkania - the homeworld she has never seen and the last place Camper ever wanted to be.

While not an easy volume to dive in and get to grips with for any new readers, this release will be soaked up by everyone who has collected the previous two volumes. This series is starting to become a must own for real Star Wars fans.


Pete Boomer

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