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Graphic Novel Review

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Catwoman Dies


Author: Will Pfeifer
Artists: David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez
Titan Books
RRP: £9.99, US $14.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 774 7
ISBN-10: 1 84576 774 8
Available 21 March 2008

Selina Kyle is back for good as Catwoman, but her perilous adventures have brought her to the brink of disaster one too many times. With a new identity. Catwoman is able to avoid these threats to her life... for a short while. But now the identity that Selina has so carefully built to protect her and her baby daughter is being destroyed at the hands of killers-for-hire Hammer and Sickle. With super villains and the Gotham police hunting for both Selina and her replacement, Holly, drastic measures are needed...

Catwoman Dies collects together issues #66-72 of the Catwoman comic. Revamped into a crime noir icon, the new-look Catwoman is once more slinking through the shadows of Gotham City. With Selina Kyle in Metropolis working for villain mastermind the Calculator, Holly Robinson continues her mission as Gotham's all-new Catwoman. But deadly new enemy Blitzkrieg - and old nemeses Hammer and Sickle - aim to cut her new career short.

When a cop is killed by Sickle the police think Catwoman is responsible and now Selina is on the run from the authorities as well as a number of villains. Can she save Holly and keep her baby, Helena, safe from Hammer and Sickle? And when the Amazons attack, what will Catwoman do to fight back?

This collection contains two main plot threads. The first story follows Selina as she is on the run from the police as well as two unstoppable super villains. This also makes her take stock of her life and question whether this is any environment for her baby daughter to be brought up in. A difficult decision has to be made, but either way Selina won't be happy. If she gives up her role as Catwoman she will miss being out their on the streets keeping everyone safe, and if she keeps fighting crime it will only be a matter of time before her daughter is targetted by her enemies.

The second storyline sees Selina working for Batman and infiltrating Gotham's Amazonian gang to try and figure out what they are up to. Whatever it is, it's big and needs to be stopped before it gets started.

With edge-of-the-seat action you don't find outside of a Hollywood blockbuster, Catwoman Dies will make you laugh, make you cry and have you glued to your seat for the duration. A wild ride from start to finish.


Amber Leigh

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