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The Lightning Saga (Hardback)


Authors: Brad Meltzer and Geoff Johns
Artists: Ed Benes, Shane Davis, Fernando Passarin and others
Titan Books
RRP: £19.99, US $24.99, Cdn $29.99
ISBN-13: 978 1 84576 789 1
ISBN-10: 1 84576 789 6
Available 21 March 2008

When members of the Legion of Super-heroes of the 31st century mysteriously start showing up in the present, it will take the combined might of the Justice League - Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest of Earth's greatest heroes - and the Justice Society - the very first super-team, and inspiration to all heroes - to track down the Legionnaires and help them complete their mission. But what exactly is their mission? Are these far-future heroes really who they say they are? The quest for the missing Legionnaires will take the Justice League and the Justice Society from the madness of Arkham Asylum to the farthest reaches of the stars...

The Lightning Saga sees Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman re-form the world's greatest super-team - the Justice League of America (JLA). As members of the Legion of Super-Heroes, from thousands of years into the future, appear in our time, the JLA - with the help of the Justice Society of America - try to discover their mission. But both teams are left reeling as one of the world's greatest heroes falls in battle... only for a familiar face to take up the mantle.

In the wake of The Tornado's Path, Superman and his team must track down all seven Legionnaires to discover why these heroes of the future have travelled back in time.

Collecting together Justice League of America issues #0 and #8-12 and Justice Society of America issues #5 and 6, The Lightning Saga is written by Brad Meltzer and Geoff Johns, with artwork from Ed Benes, Shane Davis, Dale Eaglesham, Jim Lee, Adam Kubert, George Pérez and others; features cover art by Michael Turner.

This collection is an essential purchase for superhero nuts - the storylines don't get more complex and entertaining as this.


Pete Boomer

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